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Sleeping a little longer on the weekends may bring unexpected benefits.

The newspaper publishedNo Vanguardia“The Spanish report highlighted sleep, which is one of the most important and unparalleled pleasures of life, and not only that, but it is the most important part of the day, because it has countless health benefits, as sleep helps our bodies to function optimally. . So an irregular sleep cycle, will cause many disturbances during the day.

In the report translated by “Watan”, the newspaper confirmed that those who stay up late at night or perhaps until the early hours of dawn, may be more likely to die, in addition to being ideal candidates for diseases such as mental disorders or chronic diseases such as diabetes or systemic diseases. Respiratory, all this without calculating the major imbalance that lack of sleep generates in our bodies.

At the same time, those who sleep more hours than necessary, can be exposed to health problems as well.

With all these risks, nighttime lovers from here on out will want to think twice, as they can only sleep a little, thinking they’ll be able to make up for lost sleep once the weekend arrives.

One may ask now, is it possible to restore the sleep accumulated at the end of the week?

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Not so long ago, experts agreed, that this is not possible, as the lost hours of sleep cannot be compensated for by a few more hours if possible at the end of the week.

Fortunately today, there is still a modicum of hope. A few years ago, a study conducted by researchers at the Institute for Stress Research at Stockholm University (Sweden), found that those adults who slept five hours or less at night and made up for it over the weekend, did not have higher rates of fatigue than those who slept enough hours or Maintain a regular sleep routine.

sleep benefits

Those who sleep an extra hour or two on weekends have a lower risk of developing disorders such as depression.

Perhaps for this reason, there are those who rely on weekends to be able to spend a few extra hours in bed. Fortunately, recent studies continue to support data that not only can be made, but can also be beneficial to the body.

sleep benefits

The goal of these results, is to achieve balance or establish a more regular routine. We can sleep a little during the week and take advantage of the weekends, but as long as we have a certain routine, our body will adapt accordingly, and in this context, experts advise if possible, avoid or limit any change in our sleep cycle.

According to a small study conducted by South Korean researchers, and published in the specialized journal Sleep Medicine, benefiting from sleep and trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends would be associated with a lower risk of developing a depressive disorder. In fact, we will notice this benefit only by adding an additional hour or two.

The best..a regular sleep cycle

Some professionals will not fully agree with this. But according to another study by the team of Dr Damien Leger, head of the Hotel Dieu Sleep and Wake Center, at the Hospital General Aid in Paris, those who sleep less than six hours during the week may try to get more rest on the weekends. , but maybe not enough.

The reason is simple, because according to Leger, those who have trouble sleeping during the week continue to have the same problems on the weekends. Their bodies aren’t used to resting properly on the weekends, so they won’t be able to recover no matter how much they sleep a little longer.

“They may not take the time to do this or they may have very poor sleep conditions, such as a noisy environment or stress from wanting to sleep a lot at any cost, or having children in the house,” he said.

According to Leger, one in three adults face sleep deprivation every day, which is increasingly common, especially in Western countries and in Prime Time Zone who live in urban areas, due to long working hours or excessive use of electronic devices among other things.

For specialists, sleep is an effective way to completely get rid of stress, which affects the body greatly. On the other hand, you can try to make up for the hours of sleep, which you lost by cross-naps or getting more sleep on the weekends, but of course it is better to try to establish a regular and balanced sleep routine.

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