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“Carrefour Egypt” is investing 400 million pounds in 20 branches this year


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Plan a chain “Carrefour Egypt“Commercial investment of 400 million pounds, during the current year; To implement expansions that include opening 20 branches in several governorates.

Jean-Luc Graziato, director of Carrefour Egypt, said that the new branches will open in “Cairo, the North Coast, Alexandria and Damanhour”, and will vary between “supermarket, hypermarket and compact market.”

He said that the company will open 4 branches through an agreement with the “Omar Effendi” company, and the first branch will start operating next March, and a new branch will be opened in coordination with the National Service Agency.

He added, in an interview with the “stock exchange”, that the past year was “difficult”; Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, which led to the postponement of the opening of two branches to this year, and also affected sales that did not achieve any growth compared to what was achieved in 2019.

However, “Carrefour” saw an opportunity to expand the scope of catering and sales with services via the Internet, and to provide free delivery.

“Graziato” indicated that the total number of “Carrefour” branches by the end of last year amounted to about 57 and 58 branches from the beginning of 2021, and expressed his optimism for the current year and expected a good growth rate, which he refused to specify.

“Carrefour” was launched in Egypt in 2002 and offers about 100,000 food and non-food commodities through its branches.

He added that «Carrefour» cooperates with many bodies, whether the private sector or with government agencies, such as the Internal Trade Development Agency, which is concerned with providing investment opportunities and offering lands and outlets for investors. The company is studying obtaining two investment opportunities from «internal trade development».

He explained that the company aims to be present in the Administrative Capital by opening two branches, and is currently studying the opportunities available from real estate developers.

He added that the circumstances imposed by the spread of the Corona virus prompted the company to develop online “selling” services, so that it became possible for the “order order” or “order” to arrive on the same day “or direct to the customer’s nearest supermarket through the“ application ”, and sales developed Online with a large percentage, and the company aims to double it this year, giving them the choice and providing products at the same store price to reduce overcrowding.

“Graziato” explained that the preparations of Carrefour stores this year for Ramadan this year differ from the previous seasons in which the provision of products and the presentation of attractive offers were the main concern of the company, and given the persistence of the “Covid-19” virus, safety comes at the fore, so tents will be allocated to sell Ramadan bags. Some hypermarket branches are made available online, with the possibility of online reservation through the “Douri” service, which will be promoted through the website.

Graziato explained that the expansion of Majid Al Futtaim in Egypt through its chain (Carrefour) reflects the importance of the Egyptian market as it is one of the largest markets for the company.

The volume of modern organized trade in Egypt was estimated at 12% of the total trade volume in the markets.

“Graziato” stated that “Carrefour” Egypt is an Egyptian company with about 7000 Egyptian employees and 85% of the goods offered are locally manufactured, so that Carrefour continues to support the economies in which it operates.

“Graziato” ruled out that the company would be affected by the entry of new commercial chains; Because the company has competitive advantages that include presenting special offers at different times of the year (such as Carrefour’s birthday), and the quality of goods in addition to competitive prices.

“Graziato” added that “Carrefour” also exports some Egyptian products to its branches in the countries in which it is present and amounts to about 17 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, and exports Egyptian products either directly to nearby countries such as Jordan to save on high shipping costs or through some suppliers to other countries in Africa. Like Kenya and other countries.

And «Carrefour» is one of the largest chain of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the world.

Majid Al Futtaim launched the Carrefour brand in the region in 1995, and has the privilege of exclusive use of the Carrefour brand in more than 27 markets across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Majid Al Futtaim currently manages more than 350 Carrefour stores to meet the needs of 750,000 customers daily, and has more than 37,000 employees.

The article “Carrefour Egypt” is investing 400 million pounds in 20 branches this year, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.


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"Carrefour Egypt" is investing 400 million pounds in 20 branches this year