Certainly, bin Salman is not his example .. “Watch” what a Saudi businessman did after buying a property for a huge amount and shocked the audience A nation is tweeting out of tune


Social networking sites circulated in many Arab Gulf countries, a video clip that sparked widespread interaction, documenting what happened to a businessman in the Saudi province of Tabuk, after he bought a “heirs” property for a sum of one million Saudi riyals.

According to the traders of the clip, the man bought the property with this huge amount, and returned it to its original owners, who are two women and a disabled son.

The clip shows the moment when the attendees greeted the Saudi businessman, applauded him warmly, spoke expressions of praise and praise for him, greeted him and kissed his head, in the midst of the sayings: “May God give your face, may God reward you with all good.”

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Many tweeters and activists interacted with the doers of the Saudi businessman, considering that what he brought was “heroism” at a time when there was less goodness, and in which selfishness, hatred and self-love increased.

One of the tweeters said, commenting on the incident: “God is the heroic deed that is settled by time.

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