Chef Burak’s cow butts his own photographer (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Chef Burak Ozdemir shared a video with his fans showing his cow, which he will slaughter and distribute its meat to the poor, according to Turkish media.

An embarrassing situation because of the Burak cow

But Burak had an embarrassing situation while walking with the very large cow, and in the video he posted on his Instagram account, the cow suddenly attacked the photographer and knocked him to the ground.

The video spread widely on social media because of what happened, and Burak commented sarcastically on the video: (Guess what happened to our friend who filmed this video?).

And earlier, Burak posted a picture of the cow and commented: (What should be the name of this little bull? Eid Mubarak).

Burak also announced the end of the mission, and published his picture with piles of beef in front of him, surrounded by many children, and commented: (Mission accomplished, happy holiday, Eid Mubarak).

Asala and Burak together

In another context, the appearance of the Syrian artist Asala Nasri with Burak a few weeks ago sparked widespread controversy because of her attack on him earlier.

Asala, the Turkish chef, shared his famous reviews of cooking and serving food while visiting his restaurant in Dubai.

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In the video, which was circulated on social media, Asala imitated a number of Burak’s movements, such as knocking on eating utensils and setting fire to food.

Chef Burak also wrote Asala Nasri’s name on a large piece of bread as he does with all celebrities.

Asala on Burak’s video: (Very despicable)

And Asala launched a violent attack on Chef Burak two years ago, after the Lebanese journalist Nishan published a video on his Twitter account showing the Turkish chef playing with a young goat and then appearing in another video while he was roasting a lamb while laughing.

Nishan wrote at the time: (The idea of ​​the video is despicable), and Asala responded to his tweet, saying: (Very despicable).

(Burak dancing with Marcelo)

Burak always appears with celebrities, and he brags about this through his accounts on social media, most recently when his fans shared a clip in which he appeared dancing with the Brazilian star Marcelo, the defender of the Spanish club (Real Madrid).

Marcelo appeared with Burak in his restaurant (Ozdemir) in Dubai, while they were dancing, and the Brazilian star performed the dance moves more brilliantly than Burak, especially as he is famous for his love of dancing.

Burak commented on the clip he posted on his official account on (Instagram): (Burak dancing with Marcelo).

Ronaldinho falls into the trap of Burak

A day before, Burak published on his account via (YouTube), a video documenting the moment he received the former Barcelona, ​​Milan and Paris Saint-Germain star Ronaldinho.

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And Ronaldinho appeared as he and his family interacted with Burak’s dishes from grilled meat dishes and a large dessert bar bearing the image of the Brazilian star.

And Burak appeared in another clip he posted on (Instagram), joking with Ronaldinho and pretending that he would accidentally pour food on him, before entering into a fit of laughter.

Burak commented on the clip: (Sorry Ronaldinho).

Burak receptionist provokes a Saudi lawyer

In another context, a Saudi lawyer sparked widespread controversy among activists on social media a few days ago due to his unexpected reaction to his dissatisfaction with the treatment of the staff of the famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir restaurant in Dubai.

The Saudi lawyer stated in a video circulating that one of the receptionists at the Burak restaurant in Dubai was bad, which prompted him to leave the food and pay double its price without eating anything from it.

And the lawyer says in the video: (This is our account, the account is 793 dirhams, and this is me, I paid 1500 gifts, let’s go, and of course the food came out of ourselves).

He continued: (We object to the bad handling of Burak Restaurant, we did not eat this food and there is no need, we object to their method of receiving us).

Konafa with Palestinian flag

Chef Burak expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in light of the Israeli escalation in Gaza and Jerusalem, in his own way.

Burak prepared Konafa in the colors and design of the Palestinian flag, and documented this in a video he posted on his Facebook account.

During the video, Burak appeared dyeing the vermicelli in which the kunafa is prepared in the colors of the Palestinian flag, and then working on shaping it to take the shape of the flag.

Burak attached the video to the song “My Blood is Palestinian” by Palestinian artist Mohammed Assaf.

It is noteworthy that Chef Burak Ozdemir opened a restaurant in the Emirate of Dubai on December 25, 2020, and received a number of Arab celebrities. And internationals such as Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan, football star Cristiano Ronaldo, actor Will Smith, and others.

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