China gives Egypt 300 thousand doses of the “Corona” vaccine


The Chinese Ambassador in Cairo: Providing another batch of vaccines for the Arab League

Liao Lichiang, the Chinese ambassador in Cairo, said that the Chinese government decided to provide Egypt with 300,000 doses of the Chinese virus “Corona” vaccine, sufficient for 150,000 Prime Time Zone.

“Liao” added, during the press conference held by the embassy today via the Internet, that these vaccines come to support the efforts of the Egyptian government to confront the “Corona” virus.

He explained that the batch of vaccines reflects the depth of Egyptian-Chinese relations in cooperation to confront the “Corona” virus, stressing that China will not forget that Egypt stood by it at the beginning of the pandemic and the presence of the Minister of Health in Beijing to provide support.

He said, this batch reflects the personal friendship between the leaders of the two countries, the depth of the Egyptian-Chinese relations and the feelings of affection of the Chinese Prime Time Zone towards the Egyptian Prime Time Zone and African Prime Time Zone in general.

He added that China is scheduled to provide another batch of vaccines for the General Secretariat of the Arab League.

Liao indicated that China intends to provide support to developing countries to combat the emerging corona virus and provide the vaccine at an affordable cost that enables everyone to bear its prices.

He explained that China will provide vaccines to 50 developing countries, as China joined the “Kovacs” initiative to support international cooperation, and Beijing is expected to provide 10 million doses of Chinese vaccines for the “Kovacs” initiative to meet the needs of developing countries.

He said that Sinopharma and Sinovac had exported vaccines to the Emirates, Morocco, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile and other countries that participated in the clinical trials.

He added that China has organized more than 100 meetings of health experts to exchange information and experiences, and Beijing has issued copies of the Diagnostic, Treatment, Prevention and Control Protocol.

He explained that China has sent its experts to 34 countries around the world, and provided financial assistance to the World Health Organization, as the largest producer of medicinal materials.

He pointed out that China has provided the countries of the world with more than 220 billion masks, 2.250 billion pieces of protective clothing, and one million DNA detectors as a test for the “Corona” virus.

The article: China gives Egypt 300 thousand doses of the “Corona” vaccine, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.