“CNN” reveals a legal move that could remove Trump from the presidency A nation is tweeting out of tune


US Vice President Mike Pence hinted that Article 25 of the country’s constitution could be used to isolate outgoing President Donald Trump in the event of a more unstable behavior. According to what US media reported.

Impeachment of Trump according to the law

CNN quoted Pence as saying that he “does not rule out the use of Article 25 of the Constitution to impeach President Donald Trump.”

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In the context, the leader of the majority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, sent a memorandum to his Republican comrades in the House indicating that any trial of the president will not begin until he leaves power, as conviction in the Senate needs to be approved by two thirds.

The American Constitution

According to the US Constitution to activate the amendment regarding Article 25, Pence and the majority of the Trump government must declare that he is unable to perform the duties of the presidency, and one of the advisers said that Pence opposes the idea of ​​using the amendment.

Storming of Congress

On Wednesday, the United States witnessed a storming, rioting and sabotage of the US Congress by supporters and supporters of Donald Trump, rejecting the results of the presidential elections and trying to prevent the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

And these acts of sabotage resulted in the death of three demonstrators, a woman with a gunshot during clashes with security men, and a Congressional police officer, and 52 Prime Time Zone who stormed the building were also arrested.

Trump is scheduled to hand over power on January 20, when Joe Biden will become the de facto president of the country and Trump will win the title of former president.

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