“Consumer Protection”: a 2 million pounds fine for non-compliance with the price written on the product


Houssam El-Din: The agency receives 170,000 complaints annually, and the average duration for resolving a complaint is 16 days

Ayman Houssam El Din, head of the Consumer Protection Agency, said that the supply and demand mechanisms determine the prices of goods in the market and the availability of goods contributes to price stability.

He added, during his interview with “On My Responsibility,” broadcast on “Sada Al Balad” satellite channel, that prepacked food commodities will not increase their prices in the market, and the retailer is obligated to write the price on the product.

Hossam El-Din explained that there is a fine of 2 million pounds as a penalty for non-compliance with the price written on the product.

He pointed out that the Consumer Protection Agency works to regulate informal trade, which represents 40% of the market.

He said that the consumer must oblige the merchant to issue the purchase invoice, and we carry out campaigns on the markets before Ramadan.

He added that the agency receives 170 thousand complaints annually, and the average resolution of the complaint is 16 days, and we aim to reduce it to 9 days by the end of this year.

Hossam El-Din explained that the parents’ problems were solved with the school bus crisis by 58%.

He said that the new law specifies a month for replacing the commodity if there is a defect in it instead of two weeks and a fine of one million pounds for those who refuse to replace the commodity or failure to issue a purchasing invoice, and the penalty for deceptive behavior in selling is 2 million pounds.

He added that more than 72 tons of foodstuffs were seized unsuitable for use in just 3 days.

The article “Consumer Protection”: A fine of 2 million pounds for non-compliance with the price on the product was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.