“Contact Cars” is considering launching a new platform after acquiring “Technology Price”


Contact Cars, one of the companies of the Contact Financial Holding Group, is considering launching a technology platform to facilitate the process and sale of cars with the founders of the “Sa’er” platform that was acquired yesterday, a platform that provides car pricing technology, in addition to auctions for dealers.

Contact Cars aims to develop the services provided to the user by providing a comprehensive pricing tool based on artificial intelligence technology to meet the needs of both users and merchants, and to provide a pricing method that provides a fair market value that reflects variables. The market in a realistic way that all parties can rely on, and Connecticut Cars continues to develop and search for new opportunities to provide innovative services to the car market.

Saeed Zaatar, CEO of Connecticut Financial Holding, revealed to Al Borsa that the company is currently studying the launch of a new technological platform in cooperation with the founding team of the acquired Sa`ir platform, and the new platform aims to facilitate the buying and selling of cars, refusing to disclose more details about it until advertised.

He said that with the steady increase in the use of digital services, and with the increasing digital transformation in the car market, the acquisition of Saar comes to enhance the business of Connecticut Cars.com, and be a basis for adding new services in the near future, and implementing a series of investments that will be announced successively.

Osman Abdel Moneim, General Manager of Connecticut Cars.com, said that the user base is constantly waiting for the new company, and it seeks to be the reference and main source for pricing and evaluating cars in the market.

He explained that the company is seeking to launch a new set of services targeting car dealers, especially digital auctions on used cars, and he expected it to play an important role in linking the market parties from users, dealers and agents.

Contact Cars seeks to connect the influential parties in the car market in a way that achieves mutual benefit, and creates a better and smoother experience for the sale and purchase of cars and beyond during the period of car ownership, through its continued development and search for new opportunities to provide new services to both users, dealers and agents, in addition to continuing The founders of “Sa’er” are working with Connecticut to develop new services to provide newer and innovative services to the automotive market.

The article “Contact Cars” is considering launching a new platform after acquiring “The Price of Technology” was written in Al Borsa newspaper.