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Controversy in Egypt after the sudden removal of Ruby’s song from the album “Hata Tania” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Social networking sites prevailed in Egypt, a wave of widespread controversy, after the audience of the famous actress Ruby was surprised by the removal of one of her songs on YouTube from her new album “Hata Tania”.

And according to what was reported by Egyptian media, Ruby was surprised by the deletion of her song “I am upset” from her new album.

Ruby had previously released her song “I am sad” in mid-March, on the popular video site YouTube.

This sudden deletion prompted a large segment of the public to search for reasons for removing Ruby’s song “I Am Upset” from “YouTube”.

Ruby’s audience was surprised by the deletion of the song during the video clip being played on “YouTube”.

This is due to Ruby copyright infringement.

As it was stated on “YouTube” that the video is not available and is no longer available due to a copyright claim from the director Mustafa Amer.

It is noteworthy that the song “I am lou sad”, which was deleted, was recorded on the streets and beaches of Port Said governorate.

A crisis erupted recently, which led the director to demand that the song be banned.

Ruby in the arms of producer Walid Mansour

It is noteworthy that at the end of last March, the actress, Ruby, sparked widespread controversy after the spread of a picture of her in the arms of the Egyptian producer Walid Mansour. Which prompted the followers to say that they have an affair.

This photo was not the first to collect Ruby and producer Walid Mansour, but it was preceded by the circulation of many videos and images that you monitor. Together in more than one place.

Disturbing rumors

Producer Walid Mansour denied the existence of any emotional relationship with Robby.

Walid Mansour stressed that what they share is respect and friendliness as friends, indicating that these rumors cause him great inconvenience. And that the artist is just a friend and a partner of success.

“Another point”

Walid Mansour was the reason for the artist’s intense activity in recent months, so Ruby returned strongly to the scene after a long absence.

Walid Mansour is producing Ruby’s new album “Hatta Tania”, from which the song “Hatta Tania” was released.

Where the artist performed a huge concert under the foot of the pyramids of Giza, in celebration of her new album “Hata Tania”. Amidst a large number of her audience. Al-Arrayed, who were keen to follow the precautionary measures to prevent the “Corona” virus.

The Lebanese media, Razan Maghribi, presented the concert, which as soon as she announced the presence of Ruby, chants and shouts of admiration.

Bold dress

The artist appeared in a shiny black dress, off the shoulder, with a side slit, and she was received by the producer of her album, Walid Mansour, who supervised the ceremony.

In addition to her new album’s song “Hatta Tania”, she lit The artist The ceremony included a number of her famous songs such as “Enta Aref Leih” and “Les Bedari”.

Ruby participated in the revival of the concert by artist Ahmed Essam, who presented an episode of the fire works that caught everyone’s attention.

Ruby returns after years

The actress, Ruby, was keen to re-post videos and pictures from her concert, which became the talk of social networking sites.

The return of the artist Ruby to singing comes after a hiatus of several years, and her album “Hata Tania” has been promoted, which is the first production of the company. “Talent Bates”, with the release of the first poster in days, during which she appeared in black shorts.

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