Cooperation between “Egyptian African Businessmen” and “Biznex” to promote trade and investment


The Egyptian-African Businessmen Association (EABA) has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the “Biznex” institution, which specializes in exhibitions of franchise services, to promote trade and investment in the continent.

Yousry El-Sharqawy, head of the EABA, said that the association sets the goals and vision of Egypt in sustainable development and the participation and role of the private sector in it in the first place, and then comes a helping hand to members of the association, whether service providers or beneficiaries.

Malak Al-Ashery, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Biznix”, confirmed that the attention of the whole world is directed to the brown continent, and the expansions in Africa have stopped in the last period due to the Corona pandemic, but things are now completely ready to achieve the goals through this cooperation, which contributes to achieving many commercial deals and inter-investments. in the African continent.

She added that “Biznex” continues to deepen the concepts of integration in investments, create opportunities and work to achieve them, and create a climate for various fields in front of those looking for serious investment opportunities, cooperating with all funding agencies, so that the site is distinguished, the performance is serious, and the dream is feasible according to the vision of the governments that we seek to support in achieving their vision. .
Mohamed Naqed, Executive Director of the “Bizenex 2021” Forum and Exhibition, said that the forum will this year, in cooperation with the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, dedicate a day for speakers from the financial and business community from different countries of the continent, and the exhibition and conference will witness multiple sessions and workshops related to bilateral trade interviews. the organization .

The article, a cooperation between “Egyptian African businessmen” and “Biznix” to promote trade and investment, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.