Cooperation between “Long Live Egypt” and 3 ministries to operate sustainable development projects in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman


The Long Live Egypt Fund announced the details of the protocols it signed with the Ministries of Social Solidarity, Education, Youth, Sports, Health and Population; To prepare and operate sustainable development projects in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, as well as signing protocols with the National Bank of Egypt, Nasser Social Bank and Vodafone Egypt; To participate in the operation of citizen service projects in the village.

The Executive Director of the Long Live Egypt Fund, Tamer Abdel-Fattah, said – in a statement today, Wednesday – that these protocols come to enhance the role of partnership between the government, civil society and the private sector to improve the quality of life in the areas most in need, and to provide a decent life for families with the most care through projects and initiatives implemented by the Fund in accordance with the national project. to develop the Egyptian countryside.

He added that the partnership with the ministries concerned with the provision and development of citizen services will ensure the optimal operation of the infrastructure and service facilities implemented by the Fund within the framework of sustainable development projects in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, which include designing, implementing and equipping a new primary school with a capacity of 33 classrooms, and developing and equipping Sidi Abdel Rahman Preparatory School with a capacity of 33. 12 classrooms, and the creation of a secondary education building in the same school with a capacity of 14 classrooms.

He explained that the projects included the establishment of a “Tahya Misr Fund Services Complex” that includes a center for government services (Egyptian Post Office – Local Unit Offices – Nasser Social Bank Branch – Social Insurance Office – Real Estate Registration Branch – Supply Office – Civil Registry Unit).

He pointed out that the complex includes a center for community service and provides (child skills development – activities for children of determination – speech center – physiotherapy center – women’s services center – psychological support and family reconciliation center – inclusive nursery – literacy hall – a training and rehabilitation center that includes “training rooms”). Building crafts – School of Tourism and Hotels).

He pointed out that the services complex also includes a youth city that includes (2 football fields – tri-field – individual games arena – pair games area – swimming pool – changing rooms – bathrooms – an administrative building), and it is planned to establish a complex of commercial units to serve the visitors of the complex. Services, pointing out that the projects include re-establishing and equipping the medical care unit in the village.

Abdel-Fattah added that the cooperation protocol between the Fund and the Ministry of Health aims to equip and operate the family medicine unit in the village and provide full medical equipment and mattresses for the unit, and the ministry will manage and operate the unit according to the specialties available in it.

For his part, Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Tarek Shawky, said that the partnership with the Tahya Misr Fund in developing the education system is not a new one, but it began in 2015, both from the Teachers First Program, through which 10,000 teachers were qualified on the latest teaching methods. In addition to cooperation in the knowledge bank.

He added that the most important feature of working with the fund is the participation of various parties to development and community work simultaneously, which contributes to studying the needs of citizens in the most needy areas and reaching the best ways to meet these needs and provide distinguished services to families in these areas, pointing out that the fund participated in the ministry’s study. The status of schools in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman.

He pointed out that it was agreed on the development plan and the addition of new schools to fill the deficit and reduce classroom densities, as well as the establishment of an educational administration in the village within the government services complex that is being established, stressing the importance of the partnership model with the Long Live Egypt Fund, which brings together the government, the private sector and civil society around one goal, which is Improving the quality of life of the Egyptian Prime Time Zone.

In turn, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, expressed his happiness to cooperate with the Long Live Egypt Fund in preparing and operating the youth city in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, especially that the record of cooperation with the Fund is full of projects that have benefited many Egyptian youth, noting that the Fund cooperated with the Ministry In the implementation of the youth city in Asmarat, it was a model for providing a sports and youth facility with the latest international standards.

For her part, Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevin Al-Kabbaj, stressed that the characteristic of this era is the partnership between the various authorities and institutions in the state, explaining the arrival of a new stage of the partnership between the Ministry of Solidarity and the Long Live Egypt Fund to be added to the series of partnerships extended between the Ministry and the Fund.

She thanked President Sisi, who established the Long Live Egypt Fund so that we can have local funding from the Egyptians’ resources and their hands, and that achieving independent development is our ultimate hope.

She added that the work is carried out in a systematic and scientific manner, studying development gaps and involving local communities, in order to contribute to strengthening the infrastructure, improving the quality of services and digital transformation, in addition to the importance of human building, and we hope to spread throughout Egypt.

She explained that the ministry is contributing to the project to develop and develop the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman in the new city of El Alamein in Matrouh Governorate, by improving the quality of social services in the village by contributing to the establishment of the “Social Services Center in the Long Live Egypt Services Complex.”

She pointed out that the center is a microcosm of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, as it includes a headquarters for the social unit, a rehabilitation center for Prime Time Zone with disabilities, a literacy hall, a social insurance office, a vocational training center that includes vocational training and hotel services, a nursery for children that includes a class for Prime Time Zone with disabilities, workshops for productive families, and a counseling office. Family and psychological support, in addition to the headquarters of the National Authority for Social Insurance and a branch of Nasser Social Bank.

The fund had also signed a cooperation protocol with Vodafone Egypt; To furnish and equip classes (Tahya Misr School) in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, including 26 primary classes, 6 kindergarten classes, a class for Prime Time Zone with special needs, a theater, administrative spaces, and furnishing a computer lab with a projector, an agricultural field, a viewing lab, and a room Art education, music education room, doctor’s office, as well as providing the school with a paid internet service provider (router) for one year.

The cooperation protocol also includes providing digital content available on the institution’s “education” platform for students, teachers and parents to use in the students’ educational process, as well as conducting the necessary training for teachers, students and parents on the use of digital content in the distance learning process and developing their technological capabilities.

The Fund also signed a protocol of cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt and Nasser Social Bank, to allocate and operate a branch for each bank within the services complex in the village to ensure the provision of various activities and services within this complex to become a model for these service facilities in the field of village development.

The article was a cooperation between “Long Live Egypt” and 3 ministries to operate sustainable development projects in the village of Sidi Abdel Rahman, and was written in Al Borsa newspaper.