Copa America for the third time faces the ban in Brazil ahead of its launch | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court of Brazil announced that it will hold a hearing to consider two requests submitted to it to prevent the holding of the Copa America in the country.

This comes due to the epidemiological situation in Brazil, which raises doubts about the fate of the tournament, which is scheduled to start this weekend.

Copa America and the ban

“Given the exceptional nature of the case, a decision has been taken to re-examine the case by the 11-member full court of the case during an extraordinary virtual hearing, which will be on Thursday,” said President of the Brazilian Supreme Court, Luis Fox.

The American Football Association “CONMEBOL” is seeking to hold the continental championship postponed from last summer due to the repercussions of the Corona virus epidemic.

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Brazil intervened last week, in order to save the tournament, after the “CONMEBOL” federation expelled Argentina from the tournament due to the Corona virus epidemic in the country, and Colombia due to violent anti-government protests inside the country.

Brazil and the Corona virus epidemic

The country of Brazil is suffering both as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus “Covid 19”, and experts warn that it is facing a new boom that may lead to a state sports championship that exacerbates the epidemiological situation inside the country.

The statistics issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Health indicated that the number of epidemics has reached 475,000 Prime Time Zone in the country of Brazil, which ranks second in the world in terms of the number of deaths after the United States of America.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro officially gave his decision to host the Copa America, without consulting epidemiologists in Brazil, who expressed concern about hosting an international tournament at a time when the country is suffering from the epidemic.

Supreme Court and Copa America

The Supreme Court agreed to consider the two calls submitted by the National Metalworkers Union and opposition parliamentarian Julio Delgado and his Brazilian Socialist Party.

The National Metal Workers Union believes that hosting the Copa America in Brazil may cause an increase in the number of infections and deaths from the Corona virus “Covid 19”.

While the Brazilian opposition “Delgado” and his Socialist Party said, they consider that hosting violates the basic rights to life and health, amid many reports and requests submitted in various courts in Brazil in order to prevent the hosting of the international tournament “Copa America”.

The first matches are scheduled to open on the 14th of June of this month, which will bring the Argentina team with its Chilean counterpart at the “Nilton Santos” stadium, which will host many international athletics competitions during the 2016 Olympics.

The final matches of the Copa America competition will be from the semi-finals and finals at the famous “Maracana” stadium, amid calls to prevent the tournament from being held in Brazil.

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