Coronavirus outbreak in the UAE despite the vaccination of 60% of residents and the spread of a new strain | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The United Arab Emirates is witnessing a sharp increase in the number of active cases of the emerging coronavirus, despite the vaccination of 60% of those in the Emirates with a vaccine against the virus.

Also the talk is going on International media About the outbreak of a new strain of Corona virus in the UAE. Which ignores the precautionary measures to confront the virus often.

Corona vaccine for everyone

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention announced operational details Corona vaccination In the country during the past hours.

The ministry stated that “37,460 doses of the Covid 19 vaccine were provided during the past 24 hours,” according to the Emirates News Agency, “WAM”.

The ministry pointed out that with this, “the total number of doses reaches 6,325,211, at a rate of distribution of 63.95 doses for every 100 Prime Time Zone.”

The last statistic

And the Ministry announced the registration of 10 new deaths from the new Corona virus, bringing the total deaths from the virus in the country to 1,345 cases.

The ministry said that it had recorded 2,373 new cases of the virus, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 415,705 cases.

It pointed out that 1,784 injured Prime Time Zone recovered, bringing the total of those recovering to 396,433 cases.

The Ministry announced that about 219,000 new examinations will be conducted on different groups of society, using the best and latest medical examination techniques.

The ministry stressed its goal to continue to expand the scope of examination at the state level to facilitate early detection of cases of infection with the Coronavirus and the necessary treatment.

Health services

And last January, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), the largest healthcare network in the UAE, announced. The opening of two centers for the Coronavirus vaccination in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and a center in the Emirate of Dubai to give those who wish from the community the opportunity to obtain the vaccine.

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) stated that the centers were established in a record time, amounting to only 4 days, after the Ministry of Health announced the registration of the vaccine. To be the UAE among the first countries in the world to launch a campaign to vaccinate members of society against Corona.

She explained that the vaccine (Synopharma CNBG) against Corona will be provided within facilities identified by the (SEHA) company.

It includes 35 outpatient treatment facilities in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain and 6 hospitals in the Al Dhafra region. And the National Survey Center of the (SEHA) Company at Port Rashid and Al Khawaneej in Dubai. And survey centers located in the industrial areas with a total capacity of 108,000 per week.

Dubai and Corona

In the context, the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai, Dubai Tourism, claimed that the percentage of compliance with preventive measures against the Coronavirus reached 89%. It is documented that 10,000 inspection tours have been conducted on hotel and recreational facilities since the end of 2020.

In a statement, the department indicated that the inspection rounds resulted in 274 violations, and the closure of 47 facilities. Stressing that its efforts come within the framework of the broad precautionary measures applied by the Emirate of Dubai to confront the pandemic.

She explained that cooperation and coordination is continuing with various authorities to ensure that facilities adhere to the precautionary and preventive measures announced by the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai. And the imposition of penalties against violators.

The penalties varied, according to the department, between violations and fines, final warning, suspension of permits, and closure of the facility.

She indicated that its measures “aim in their entirety to preserve the health, safety and well-being of community members, as well as tourists.” And continuing to provide world-class hospitality experiences to the emirate’s visitors.

In early February, Dubai began implementing preventive measures that included restrictions and partial closures, after coronavirus infections had significantly escalated.

The decision comes in light of the results of the evaluation, monitoring and continuous follow-up process and the effectiveness of these measures demonstrated over the course of February.

The new decision includes continuing to reduce the numbers in cinemas and recreational and sporting activities and events inside the closed halls by 50% of the place’s capacity, while strengthening preventive measures.

The decisions also include the number of visitors to shopping centers, hotel guests, and users of swimming pools and private beaches in hotel establishments not to exceed 70% of the place’s capacity.

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