Crying German girl at the Euro, mocking England fans (Watch) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The crying and sadness of a German girl in the stands of “Wembley” stadium, after her country’s exit against England from the European Nations Cup “Euro 2020”, sparked ridicule from English fans on social media.

The German girl and the euro

At the end of the match, the director of the match highlighted the image of the little German girl crying in burning her father’s arms, after the match ended with England winning 2-0 without a response, and her country’s exclusion from the Euro 2020 championship.

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With the image of the crying child appearing on the viewers after the end of the match between England and Germany, the stadium began to shout loudly in condemnation of that scene from the stands of Wembley Stadium in the British capital, London.

German girl and irony

Many abusive publications appeared by a number of England fans who ridiculed the sadness of the young German girl and her great sadness at the farewell of her country’s team to the “Euro 2022” tournament.

One England fan, referring to the 1930s and 1940s during Hitler’s rule in Germany, tweeted: “Where were your tears when Hitler killed millions?”

Another English fan said: “Do you think we forgot that your grandfather killed Anne Frank, the little Nazi?”

While a number of English football fans sympathized with the crying German girl, one of them tweeted: “English fans mock a little girl from Germany, have you forgotten the many failures of the England team?”

England national team and the elimination of Germany

England beat Germany 2-0, for the first time in the last eight matches that brought both teams together on this stadium.

The England team managed to break its German knot and passed the round of 16 in the European Nations Cup and qualified for the quarter-finals of the competition in 1996 AD, where it defeated Spain on penalties.

The next confrontation in the euro

England will face Ukraine in the quarter-finals of the Euro Championship at the Olympic Stadium in the Italian capital, Rome, on the third of next July, after the latter managed to overthrow Sweden and eliminate it from the tournament with two goals to one.

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