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Customs: Facilitation for importers to join the customs system for pre-registration of shipments «ACI»


Mr. Kamal Najm, Head of the Customs Authority, said that the Ministry of Finance and the Customs Authority are keen to spread awareness of the customs system for pre-registration of shipments «ACI», by organizing a series of awareness seminars for importers, cargo owners and their agents of customs brokers and foreign exporters, through video conference technology, pointing out that Through these seminars, the customs system for pre-registration of shipments (ACI), the steps and procedures for implementing it and the advantages it achieves, are introduced.

This came during the symposium organized by the Customs Authority and MTS in cooperation with the Export Council for Food Industries, today, to present information related to the system of pre-registration of shipments «ACI» in the presence of Khaled Nassif, technology advisor at the Egyptian Company for Electronic Commerce Technology (MTS), and Mahmoud Bazan, member of the Board of Directors. Export for Food Industries, treasurer, and a number of members of the Board.
Najm referred to the Minister of Finance’s directives to provide all facilities to importers or owners of goods or their agents from customs brokers and foreign exporters, which contribute to motivating them to accelerate the procedures for joining the customs system for pre-registration of shipments «ACI», pointing out that the experimental start of the first phase of this system will be the first. Next April, which is compulsory on the first of next July, and includes in the first phase the sea ports, then it will move to the air and land ports.

He explained that the “Window” project is based on establishing the foundations of an integrated, secure information platform and a modern and sustainable electronic system to govern procedures in the concept of “one-stop shop”, making Egypt as a whole a global and advanced logistical area. It aims to connect all land, sea and air ports with an electronic platform through the customs ‘single window’ system. All of this would contribute to simplifying procedures and reducing release times, which would have a direct impact on reducing the price of goods, goods and services.

He pointed out that the “ACI” system of pre-registration of shipment information achieves many advantages, including the simplification of customs release procedures for goods, as it helps customs and the concerned authorities to initiate release procedures before the arrival of shipments (pre-release), by allowing the prior exchange of shipment information and documents electronically, Adding that it helps to eliminate the phenomenon of neglected goods and stagnant goods in the ports, by making available the data of the exporter, importer and commodity before shipment, and assessing the initial risks of shipments, then the customs authority responds to the request of importers or disposers: either by accepting and issuing the initial customs registration number for each shipment «ACID» Or by refusal with an explanation of its reason, as importers or importers are informed if there is a commodity that is prohibited from entering Egypt before it is shipped from the foreign exporter; This saves time, effort and cost.

The Head of the Customs Authority affirmed that the “single window” project moves the customs administration system from a paper-based work environment to digital. So that this electronic platform will be a meeting point for the exchange of information and documents from all parties participating in trade and transport, and it provides mechanisms to facilitate foreign trade procedures, standardize the necessary forms for the release of goods and invoices, implement the digital payments system, develop performance indicators, and control and early warning systems.

He pointed out that the unified national platform for cross-border trade in Egypt will oblige all entities that work with it to achieve integration with the platform, and to rely on the “risk management” system as the basis for dealing with incoming or outgoing shipments. In addition to relying on the “pre-registration before the arrival of shipments” system as a basis for starting the release procedures, with data being sent and received digitally.

Mahmoud Bazan, member of the Board of Directors of the Export Council for Food Industries and the treasurer, said that the food industries sector is a strong sector and is able to cope with and harmonize with all European and other sectors, and it can also compete, citing what the food industry sector did during the pandemic of the new Corona virus to provide all the needs The Egyptian Prime Time Zone of food, pointing out that the council has a vision over the coming years for the growth of food industries, explaining that the council is keen to take all steps and provide all capabilities that help the food industries sector to compete, and one of the most important of these steps is the pre-registration system for shipments «ACI», which would Facilitating the procedures for releasing goods, including reducing the time and cost of customs clearance, stressing that a series of seminars will be organized to introduce the system of pre-registration of shipments «ACI» to members of the Council.

Khaled Nassif, technology advisor at the Egyptian Company for E-Commerce Technology (MTS), explained that a window system summarized the steps taken by the importer or extractor to obtain the necessary approvals before shipping and receiving the goods into 3 automated steps, namely receiving the customs certificate file and a copy of the certificate file and reviewing it. The second step is to conduct customs inspection and inspection, and the third step is to pay customs duties.

“Khaled Nassif” indicated that the initial customs registration number “ACID”, through which the shipment data is made available, the goods cannot be entered until after its issuance and sending it via e-mail to each of the importer or the owner of the goods or his agent of customs brokers and the foreign exporter, and its validity lasts for a period of 3 months; This allows sufficient time to amend the data related to the goods to be imported, with ease and without penalties.

“Khaled Nassif, technology advisor at the Egyptian Company for Electronic Commerce Technology (MTS), reviewed the work procedures of the customs system for pre-registration of shipments (ACI), explaining that the importer has to enter the basic primary data of the shipment through an ACI application, then the window system completes the Restrictions (integrated tariff appendices) to verify the validity of importing the item or not, and the customs authority responds by accepting to issue the shipment identification number (ACID) or rejecting with an explanation of the reason, then a system in effect sends the shipment identification number (ACID) to the importer and exporter, pointing to The exporter sends the shipment data and documents (the commercial invoice and the final or initial bill of lading) through the (Cargo X) platform, and the importer confirms the validity of the data and documents to start the customs clearance process.

Khaled Nassif also explained that the electronic signature must be used in the inclusion of data and the electronic presentation of documents, including the invoice, indicating that the electronic signature is obtained through Egy Trust or the Misr Clearing Company.

As for the foreign exporter required to activate the ACI system, Khaled Nassef explained that the shipment identification number (ACID), the identification numbers of the exporter and the importer and the numbers of all items included in the invoice (GS1 or part number) must be proven on all the shipment documents, as well as the documents and data are sent Of the shipment electronically via the (Cargo X) network, and sending the commercial invoice data (preliminary or final).

Source: A.A.A.

The article Customs: Facilitations for Importers to Join the Customs System for Pre-Registration of Shipments «ACI» was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.