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The Lebanese actress, Cyrine Abdel Nour, shared with her fans a photo documenting a special moment between her and her husband, Farid Rahma, similar to the artists recently.

Siren hugs her husband

Cyrine Abdel Nour published a photo through her official account on (Instagram), accompanied by her husband in the swimming pool, and she embraced him with her hand.

Siren did not attach the photo to a comment, only a red heart emoji.

Sirene also posted a video of the moment she was swimming, and she was careful not to show the bikini she was wearing.

Cyrine Abdel Nour was subjected to a wave of ridicule a few days ago on social media, after she suffered a superficial wound on one of her toes, and her audience shared the matter in an exaggerated way.

mockery of siren

The beginning was when Sirine posted a video clip on her (Instagram) account, in which she showed her husband, who was on the ground and treating her foot, which had a slight superficial wound, noting that the reason for her injury was the bathtub faucet stop.

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And Serene wrote in her comment: (Seriously, she burns my fingers, and I am infatuated with him, and I am also squeezing me, oh God, how soft, thank you, doctor).

After some media outlets circulated the news in an exaggerated manner, activists launched a harsh attack on Sirin, including the Lebanese journalist Elie Bassil.

And Eli said in his account via (Instagram): (I mean, frankly, may God make it the greatest misfortune!! A title like all these headlines that I came down as I shuddered from reading it, especially when I knew all these bloody and bloody details that the United Nations Council and all public opinion must move and feel with this disaster) ?

And Eli added: (Syrine Abdel Nour, I wish you would bury my heart, and hopefully, reduce the cheapness and sanctity of the social media, even with a little bit, and we can’t swallow you too much).

Siren responds: Tweets stemming from hatred

Which made Siren break her silence and wrote a tweet through her Twitter account, attacking the cynics.

The text of what the Lebanese artist wrote came: (Some of the ridiculous tweets stem from hatred that will never end.

And she continued: (He has no time to test that love is the key to heaven, because his black heart is distracted by harm. O human being, you are not immortal on this earth, and time does not wait for anyone).

Sirene also responded with a sarcastic post via the (Al-Asturi) feature, in which she wrote: (I had a disease called fear that they would be upset, I bought medicine to run if they were upset).

A few days ago, Cyrine Abdelnour recalled her pregnancy with her second child, Cristiano, with a new video she posted on Instagram.

Cyrine Abdel Nour appeared in the video, which was filmed 4 years ago, while she was undergoing a photo session in a tight orange dress, then in jeans and a colored shirt, and her hair was short at the time.

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Serene revealed the scenes of the video and her suffering, which did not appear to the viewer at the time, and commented: (Here I was pregnant with Cristiano for two months, and no one knew, and I am in a state of dizziness, and I see the same thing you can imagine. More?).

To the surprise of the followers, Siren in the video appeared to have a flat stomach, and she did not show any signs of pregnancy.

(Hazel eyes)

Recently, Serene shared her audience with photo and video clips, in which she appeared in the look that she adopted in her new series (Forsa Omar).

The Lebanese singer published a video of her in front of a yacht in a long green dress, swaying and dancing to her old song (The Honey Eyes).

Serene also published a picture of her changing her hair color from black to yellow, and she was wearing a modest black jumpsuit.

She commented: (One of the most difficult characters that I played and the unit I miss the most, and I am waiting for the filming of the second part of #Dor_Al-Omar, and what is the character that you liked the most from the characters that you presented).

Sun rain chart!

At the beginning of this month, Cyrine Abdel Nour underwent a bold filming session to promote the series.

Cyrine Abdel Nour appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on (Instagram), in a black dress with a bare chest and shoulders, and she appeared with long black hair, with (surprise), and sitting on a luxurious chair.

Serene commented, addressing her audience: (What do you think of Shams Matar’s plan? And if she wants to reach if her goal is greater than money? For smart Prime Time Zone only).

And Cyrine Abdel Nour had previously published a set of photos of a filming session, which was subjected to the block of the character Shams Matar in the series.

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