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Dahi Khalfan considers Israel a brother state and attacks Hamas: “Which of the two parties is worthy of respect?” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The former deputy chief of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan, returned to stir up controversy again, with his tweets about the UAE’s relationship with Israel, attacking Hamas at the same time.

Khalfan, in his new tweet, sparked a wave of comments and criticism, and was monitored by “Watan” praising the occupation and its president and talking about Israel. As if it were a sister country, he also praised the warm reception of the UAE ambassador to Israel.

While attacking Palestine and Hamas, he said what he read: “I ask every Emirati to repeat the welcome word of the Israeli president to the UAE ambassador. Which he delivered on the occasion of the ambassador’s arrival to Israel, and compared it to the extent of the insult that Hamas did to us before we had relations with Israel, and see which of the two parties is worthy of respect.

Many tweeters and activists interacted with Khalfan’s talk, directing him to arrows of criticism and rebuking him for reaching this level of national and moral decline.

One of the commentators, attacking Khalfan, said: “To what level these Prime Time Zone have reached of decadence, it is proud of its return to its origin and its original source, on you from God what you deserve.”

Another tweet said: “It was never Israel. (A true friend of anyone in the world, even the Americans) who protect and defend them) are only Prime Time Zone of interests.

And without an activist: “The right time will come, O Officer, when you will admit your great crime against the Nation of Islam, and I will remind you of that at the time.”

The normalization agreement

The UAE and Israel signed an agreement to normalize relations between them at the White House, in mid-September 2020, in exchange for Palestinian rejection.

On January 24, the UAE government announced approval of the opening of an embassy in Tel Aviv.

The approval was followed by the announcement by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the opening of its country’s embassy in Abu Dhabi, with the arrival of Chargé d’Affairs, Eitan Naih, to the UAE capital.

Muhammad Al Khajah, the first Emirati ambassador to Tel Aviv, also presented his credentials, on Monday, to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin.

On Monday, the Israeli president officially received the first Emirati ambassador to the occupation state, after the historic normalization agreement. Signed by the two countries last year.

At the beginning of his speech, Rivlin addressed the Emirati ambassador in Arabic and welcomed him, saying, “Welcome, Mr. Ambassador, welcome to Jerusalem, in Jerusalem.”

He added, “The Israeli Prime Time Zone are happy and welcome you.”

“Your mission will be the most important one,” the Israeli president said. “The leaders sign treaties, but real and lasting peace is made by the Prime Time Zone.”

‘Historic agreement’

For his part, he stressed Muhammad Al Khajah “The historic peace agreement works for concerted efforts to enhance stability and security in our region and will create a better path.”

“The two countries have begun to face challenges to regional and international security as a common goal,” he added.

“I will work diligently to strengthen political ties between the two countries in the service of our peoples and regional stability,” he said.

“History day”

Earlier, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Gabi Ashkenazi, considered the arrival of the UAE ambassador to Israel to hand over papers. Adopting it “an additional historic day in the Middle East. And a great step to strengthen peace between nations and peoples.

Ashkenazi’s statements also came during his meeting with the Khaja family in his office in occupied Jerusalem.

Ashkenazi congratulated the UAE ambassador and “praised its role in leading the change that resulted from normalization throughout the Middle East.”

“We have a historic opportunity to present an example of a warm and comprehensive peace between nations and between peoples,” Ashkenazi said. The opening of an embassy by Israel in Abu Dhabi and a consulate in Dubai and the opening of the UAE embassy in Israel is extremely vital to strengthening bilateral relations and advancing the peace process.

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