Damietta Commercial is discussing with the “Export Development” the development of the furniture industry and export opportunities


The Damietta Chamber of Commerce, headed by Mohamed Al-Zeiny, is preparing to hold a seminar with the Export Development Authority, to discuss preparing a comprehensive study of the needs of the global furniture market to develop a strategic plan for the development of Damietta furniture industry.

Mohamed El-Zeiny, head of the Damietta Chamber of Commerce, said that the Export Development Authority cooperates with the chamber by holding training courses for workers in Damietta Furniture City to upgrade their capabilities in the furniture industry according to the requirements of the global market, so that furniture producers can export their production to the countries where the Export Development Authority markets Egypt’s products.

He explained that the furniture industry needs a system in exporting and entering all global markets, and he called for holding exhibitions outside Egypt, after knowing the prevailing tastes in those countries, in addition to approving a specific marketing system.

Al-Zaini indicated that the chamber will organize an exhibition in Qena governorate on January 16, and for a month, under the name “Ocionion”, and another exhibition will be held in Sohag next March.

He added that Damietta is the main center for the furniture industry in Egypt and the Middle East, and the aim of the exhibitions is to stimulate and increase furniture sales in the city because of its designs that suit all tastes and different segments.

He confirmed that the merchants participating in the exhibition offered discounts on prices for various diverse products, which include classic and “modern” furniture, ranging between 5% and 20% during the actual sale to the public, in addition to the contracts executed for restaurants, hotels and clubs.

He indicated that furniture makers are expecting to open the Furniture Mall in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo, at a cost of 100 million pounds.

Al-Zaini indicated that the mall was scheduled to open at the beginning of last March, but it was postponed due to the spread of the Corona virus, and the mall equipment and basic facilities were completed, in preparation for its opening next April, at a cost of 100 million pounds.

He added that the rental value of the stores ranges between 4 and 6 thousand pounds per month, and was allocated to merchants, and the mall contains 150 stores, with an area of ​​100 meters for one shop, and the mall is located on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters, and its height is 3 floors, in the northern ninety Street in the Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo.

El-Ziny indicated that the mall is a good opportunity to stimulate Damietta furniture sales in the coming period for consumers, especially since Damietta Governorate depends on factories and small workshops on the furniture industry.

The article «Damietta Commercial» is discussing with «Development Exports» the development of the furniture industry and export opportunities. It was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.