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The Lebanese actress, Daniela Rahma, showed the magic of the black color in her last look, which aroused admiration.

And Daniela Rahma published, through her account on (Instagram), a set of pictures of her sitting on her bed, wearing an elegant black dress with sleeves and a V-shaped chest.

Daniela completed her look with simple jewelry, as she wore a silver necklace and two rings only, and left her hair in a red color, as she appeared in the series (To Death).

Daniela attached the pictures with a comment in which she said: (Stay tuned for my exclusive interview with Fashion Mode).

Classic shorts suit

Daniela Rahma had previously caught the attention of her followers with a photo she posted on (Instagram) a week ago, in which she adopted a classic white shorts suit, and left her hair hanging on her shoulders with a soft hairstyle.

Daniela Rahma’s private life is always a matter of curiosity for her fans, especially after circulating news of a love story between her and the Syrian artist Nassif Zeytoun.

Mustafa Agha embarrasses Daniela

The Lebanese actress had previously raised controversy with her statements during her guest appearance with the Syrian actress Nazli Al-Rawas on the “Echo of the Stadiums” program with the journalist Mustafa Al-Agha a few weeks ago.

And when Mustafa Al-Agha asked her (Is the heart standing or working hard?), Daniela replied (working and hard), confirming that she is living a strong love story with a person whose identity has not been revealed.

And about her personal dreams, Daniela said that she hopes to marry, establish a family and have 12 children, to have a football team, as she puts it.

When Mustafa Al-Agha interrupted her and asked her if she had discussed the matter with her partner, Daniela Rahma confirmed that she had not discussed this issue with her lover, especially since she had not been officially linked until now.

And she continued at the time that although her heart was beating, she could not talk about the matter because there was no engagement ring on her hand, and the decision of the first step was to engage with the other partner and the man was the one who took the first step.

Daniela: The picture of my love does not leave me

In response to a question about the things that do not leave her, Daniela (the picture of my beloved) said, to be interrupted by Nazli Al-Rawas with a question (his image or his voice?), as if she was really hinting at her relationship with a singer.

Mustafa Al-Agha posed a question about the 3 most important advantages or specifications that a man should have in general. Daniela Rahma referred to charisma, intelligence and loyalty, to be interrupted by the Syrian media, saying: (Does his voice have to be beautiful?), to answer: (Not necessarily).

Daniela Rahma saw that the three most important young singers were her father, the artist Youssef Rahma, the Lebanese artist Ragheb Alama and the Syrian artist Nassif Zaytoun, and she said: (Because he sang the sequences of a series of death) to be interrupted by Mustafa, hinting again: (But Karmal, why did you choose Nassif?).

What increased suspicions about the existence of a relationship between Daniela Rahma and Nassif Zeytoun, what she said in the episode (She went to us) with the journalist Hisham Haddad when he asked her about the reason that prompted her to learn the Syrian dialect strongly and whether she is living a love story with a Syrian person.

Daniela said at the time: (I do not have an answer), then Hisham Haddad interrupted her, saying: (I mean, what).

Unacceptable suggestion in Ramadan

The scene of the artist Bassem Mughniyeh slapping Daniela Rahma’s butt in the eighth episode of the Lebanese-Syrian series (To Death) last Ramadan, sparked widespread controversy among activists on social media, which the followers considered bold.

In the scene, the Lebanese actor, Basem Mughniyeh, and Daniela Rahma confront each other for the first time, so Omar, who plays the role of Mughniyeh, hits Reem, whose character Daniela embodies, on the buttocks, saying: (Many Mosaddeq is coming to come to me), to which Reem responds: (You one animal).

Followers saw that the scene between Daniela Rahma and Mughniyeh bears an unacceptable suggestion, especially that it is shown in the month of Ramadan, stressing that this movement did not add a dramatic dimension to the scene, and it would not have been affected if it was deleted.

In the name of Mughniyeh responds!

For his part, Bassem Mughniyeh responded to these criticisms, stressing that he respects the sanctity of the month of Ramadan.

He added in a press statement: (The real actor is the one who can assume all the roles, and I entrusted myself with embodying the characters who leave an imprint on the artistic scene, and I wanted to give the role its right, to convince Prime Time Zone of this character, and the beating scene represents Omar).

Basem Mughniyeh apologized to the audience who did not like the scene, saying: (I can only present the role in full until the audience is convinced, and there may be other bold scenes during the scope of the drama).

Basem Mughniyeh indicated that he avoids offering similar roles and is keen to diversify the characters he embodies with dramatic roles in light of intense competition.

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