Death mourns Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, announced the death of the mother of the Kuwaiti artist, Ghadeer Al-Sabti, today, Wednesday.

“Al-Eidan” called Ghadeer Al-Sabti’s mother in a tweet via Twitter, which was monitored by “Watan”, and said: “May God reward the artist Ghadeer Al-Sabti in the death of her mother. . Do not be stingy with supplication, for supplication is the sustenance of the dead.”

Ghadeer Al-Sabti and Emirates Water

Two days ago, the Kuwaiti artist caused a sensation among social media activists, by criticizing the waters of the UAE, where she is currently located.

In a video, through her account on (Snapchat), Ghadeer said that the UAE water caused great damage to her hair, despite the use of special treatments.

Ghadeer indicated that her hair turned to dryness, which made her suffer, adding: (Emirates water did not suit my hair, and it did not previously reach this stage of dryness, despite my use of various oils, moisturizers, shampoos, masks, and nutrients, without any benefit). .

The Kuwaiti artist asked for help from her followers to advise her to use any useful substance that makes her hair wet again.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti’s talk caused an uproar among the followers, most of whom attacked her, and one of them wrote: (You exaggerate more, do it.

Umm Fatima mocked in her comment, saying: (Emirates water is suitable for all these millions, but what do I say, shut up, my tongue).

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Another mocked also: (On the basis that you are in Kuwait swimming from the waters of the Sulaibiya River and Lake Al-Jahra. You see the whole Gulf living on the desalinated water of the sea).

And she wrote a follow-up: (Glory be to God, everyone who lived in the Emirates, I only complained about you).

The limit of one of the followers reached a demand for her expulsion, saying: (It is better to take her out of the Emirates).

Ghadeer Al-Sabti responds to the attack

Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti was forced to clarify and respond to the harsh criticism she was subjected to because of her talk about the effect of water on her hair in the UAE.

Al-Sabti confirmed in a video clip she posted on “Snapchat” that she did not criticize the water in the UAE, but rather said that it did not suit her because she is on a visit and not a resident.

She pointed out that what she said is normal and a normal issue that happens to everyone, because the hair gets used to a certain type of water and needs time to adapt to a new type of water.

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