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Demands to cancel the “virginity certificate” cause an uproar in Morocco A nation is tweeting out of tune


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It sparked the campaign launched by the alternative movement to defend individual freedoms in Morocco known as “Mali”. To cancel the granting of virginity certificates to girls in the Kingdom, there is widespread debate on social networking sites.

A virginity certificate

The campaign denounced the continued handover of virginity certificates in a number of countries, including Morocco, considering that this certificate is an insult to women.

“Feminist virginity is a male concept that is still prevalent all over the world,” the Mali movement said in a statement. Even in civilized societies ”. Note that it is a “compulsive symbol for women.”

The movement highlighted the danger to her life posed by “not bleeding a woman”, reviewing the consequences of being subjected to violence. Physical and verbal, social ostracism, divorce, rape, honor crimes and suicide.

A step for moral dissolution

On the other hand, conservative voices said on social media that the call to stop granting virginity certificates from doctors in the Kingdom. It is a step that encourages moral degeneration in the country.

Moroccan law does not require the obtaining of a virginity certificate document to document a marriage contract; But by virtue of habit it persisted. A lot of Moroccan families have to take this check to complete it.

Violating the Moroccan women’s movement

Regarding this controversy, said Fawzia Al-Assouli, president of the Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Women, president of the Federation of Democratic League. For women’s rights in Morocco, this testimony violates the sanctity and intimacy of Moroccan women.

According to Al-Assouli, this testimony constitutes violence against women in general.

She indicated that her foundation had previously touched upon this controversial file, and that she had also written to doctors’ bodies in the Kingdom about it. To stop granting this testimony, which I deemed to be transcendent.

و .كدت Honeydew, That this testimony sometimes results in social tragedies such as divorce and suicide, and the woman is always the victim.

She indicated that male customs, traditions and culture in some Moroccan regions make this testimony to remain as a symbol of chastity.

And she stressed that the high level of awareness in Moroccan society will, over time, stop this examination. Who “does the object of the woman,” as she put it.

Al-Assouli explained that some studies confirm that 50% of women do not bleed during their first sexual relationship. And that of the women born without a hymen.

She indicated that these figures must be taken into consideration to come out with a conclusion that “virginity does not mean chastity.”

Consensual sexual relations

Earlier, the topic of “Consensual sexual relations“The scene in Morocco, after the case that I knew. In the name of “veiled Tetouan”, in which a woman, a mother of two children, came out in a video clip of her, after which she was arrested and imprisoned.

After this case, the “outlaw” movement said that this woman was a victim of sexual exploitation and was photographed without her knowledge.

She demanded that the ruling against her be overturned, and Article 490 of the Moroccan law which penalizes consensual sexual relations without marriage be canceled.

The movement said in a statement that the woman mentioned in the case lived in harsh social conditions. According to a report published by “France 24”

She added that she was sexually exploited for photographic purposes by the owner of the video, who filmed her without her knowledge and posted the clip on websites.

Against the background of this case, the movement launched a campaign last week against the law criminalizing sexual relations outside the institution of marriage.

And through what she called a “digital sit-in,” entitled # STOP490, to “support” this woman, who was later released, “in the appeals procedures that aim to drop the sentence against her based on Article 490, but also to demand the complete abolition of this law.”

Are freedoms become a luxury?

For her part, sociologist Sanaa El-Aji, founder and director of publishing the Mariyana website, has published an article about individual freedoms in Morocco.

In it, she said, “Those who consider individual freedoms a luxury before issues of unemployment, education and health, while they disagree, in the end. Who do they consider that the democratic building does not come before bread and water?

Dr. Sanaa Al-Aji considered that “the state is supposed to direct its legislative and legal arsenal to what actually protects the security of citizens, not to what guards their sleeping beds and their reproductive organs.”

And she added, “The state is supposed to punish harassers, thieves, and rapists, not those who choose to live their freedom in a way that suits their religious or sexual convictions.”

She pointed out that, “Today’s discussion of individual freedoms drains intellectual energies that we need to direct to other issues, not because it is a secondary debate … but because it is a discussion that we are supposed to have surpassed!

In the midst of this tension, the “outlaw” movement returns to throw the ball in the court of the Moroccan legislator, declaring that “Moroccan law is supposed to protect victims like Hana and not punish them.”

She added that “injustice is permissible, only because Article 490 is present in the Penal Code. This same law prevents victims of rape or extortion ‘with sexual tapes’ from submitting a complaint for fear of arrest and indictment.

The draft review of the Moroccan criminal law continues, which has been locked in the Moroccan Parliament for years, while it is clear that the political parties in the previous and current government coalition have not been united by any common vision regarding it.

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Demands to cancel the "virginity certificate" cause an uproar in Morocco  A nation is tweeting out of tune