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Details of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein’s moves to seize the throne in Jordan | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Media sources revealed new and important details about the so-called coup attempt in Jordan, which led to the arrest of prominent officials. Next to Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein.

Queen Noor moves in secret

The Arab Post website, citing unnamed sources, reported that behind-the-scenes political moves were made by a widow. The late King Hussein of Jordan. Queen Noor, mother of Prince Hamzah.

The sources indicated that Queen Noor deliberately promoted and marketed the character of her son, Prince Hamzah, among American circles. And international organizations where it resides.

The sources confirmed that the status of Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah II, was by the Jordanian authorities. Under house arrest, he comes due to his internal and external efforts and activities to gain popularity among the Jordanian tribes.

She added: “His mother, Queen Noor, who lives in the American capital, Washington, was seeking to promote him abroad as an alternative to the king.”

In this regard, Queen Noor, according to the same sources, contacted Jordanian opposition and activists inside and outside the kingdom.

Queen Noor contacts the Biden administration

According to the sources, Queen Noor has contacted the new US administration to promote her son Hamza in her efforts. To convince the need to change the current approach taken by King Abdullah of Jordan.

The same sources confirmed that Queen Noor is currently in contact with US officials to lift the security restrictions imposed. Her son Hamza should relieve the pressure on him or seek to secure a safe exit for him from Jordan to one of the Western countries in the context of political asylum.

The movements of Prince Hamzah inside Jordan

According to the site, the former Jordanian crown prince, Prince Hamzah, who is in constant contact with his mother, Queen Noor. To move between the Jordanian tribes and clans.

The site indicated that this is to gain popularity for him and to form a mass incubator, as the man moves continuously and periodically. Several years ago. To form his popular incubator away from the noise and corridors of political disputes inside the country.

According to information published by the “Arab Post”, the latest moves by the former Jordanian Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah. The beginning of the month of April was in the Al-Hawitat tribe in the Al-Husayniyeh District of Ma’an Governorate in Jordan. Condoling the death of Sheikh Fahd bin Hamad Al-Jazi.

This visit is not the first, as Prince Hamzah bin Hussein visited the Banu Sakher tribe, mourning the death of one of his companions.

Regular visits to the clans by Prince Hamzah

Sources confirmed to Arab Post“Prince Hamzah’s visits are periodic and continuous, and sometimes they are to participate in public social events.

According to the site, the Huwaitat, Bani Sakher, Majali and Bani Hamida tribes are among the most important tribes and clans that he frequented. On her the young prince on a weekly and frequent basis. To bring about popularity and incubator for him.

The Bani Hamida tribe is the second largest tribe in Jordan, and it is divided into 3 Jordanian governorates.

Also, the Majali clan is one of the most important tribes that Ibn Nour enjoys wide popularity among its circles, and which has a reputation. Long in managing the Kingdom’s institutions.

The senior guards accompanying the arrested also belonged to the Majali tribe.

On the other hand, the Huwaitat and Beni Sakhr tribes are considered among the most important clans that have contributed to stabilizing and supporting the pillars of the state. Modern Jordanian and its system of government represented by the Hashemite family. And it was one of the first tribes that embraced and received Sharif Hussein bin Ali.

Watch Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein

Due to the increase in Prince Hamzah’s movements between tribal and clan milieus in Jordan, King Abdullah sought the political system in Jordan. To undermine his movements and activity in all ways and means and curb his increasing activity in recent times.

According to the sources, the Jordanian regime sought to hit the popular incubator that Prince Hamzah has been working on for years.

She added, “The security services, with the support of Jordanian intelligence, have planned for a long time to hit the popularity of Prince Hamzah. And he was able to achieve more than one goal by arresting Bassem Awad, placing the Emir under house arrest, and arresting a number of his companions.

Dr. Hussam Al-Abdalat, head of the Jordanian Organization for Change, emphasized that what happened was not a coup against the Jordanian regime. Rather, it is a political game to strike and end the role of Prince Hamzah. And he hit several birds with one stone.

He added, “The first goal was to convince the interior that there is an external conspiracy, and the second was to end Prince Hamzah’s political role.” And it is not popularly welcomed. And preventing any supply or popular communication plans that seek to support it internally, while the third goal was to release the hand of the intelligence services again.

The spokesman considered that:the Queen Nour is the one who funded and bought some Jordanian voices at home and abroad for marketing. And the promotion of the character of her son, Prince Hamzah. By communicating with opposition figures at home and abroad and financially financing them to convince the Jordanian society that the personality of Prince Hamzah is the one capable of leading Jordan. Which pushed opponents abroad. To support the Emir, and to encourage his appointment as king of the country as an alternative to King Abdullah.

Queen Noor’s efforts are continuing to promote Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein

In the context, Jordanian sources said that Queen Noor sought to find lines of communication with Jordanian personalities at home. And the Jordanian abroad to promote Prince Hamzah as the next king of the country.

She added, “In this regard, Prince Hamzah sought years ago to communicate with one of the most important components of Jordanian society. Represented by (the Bedouins of the north, center and south) to create a popular incubator for him.

The same sources indicated that “the Jordanian monarch, King Abdullah bin Hussein, sensed the growing popularity of Prince Hamzah. And the growth of social incubator among the Jordanian tribes and clans.

She added, “This pushed him to end his attendance by isolating him socially and politically and imposing house arrest on him to cut lines. Communicate with him. He struck it to block any future attempt at change within the Hashemite family.

Details of the Prince’s “coup”

An expert in strategic security, Omar al-Raddad, who is close to official circles, said, “Prince Hamzah’s recent moves. And the case associated with it. It has been largely unfolding, especially after the conference of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, Ayman Safadi. And the details that he revealed, which removed the state of uncertainty that had arisen during the past few hours.

And the spokesman considered that the picture today has become clearer, despite the continuation and incompleteness of the novel. It is still there. Some secrets related to the case. Which confirms that it has a security dimension, and it is clear in it the great role of Prince Hamzah. Jointly with many personalities ”.

Al-Raddad reveals the existence of external links and external support for Prince Hamzah through entities and circles within countries.

He pointed out that “the external opposition that has been active in the last period through the communication sites was clearly supporting.” And the great Prince Hamzah and promotes it. ”

The spokesman considered that “Prince Hamzah’s movements at the internal level, specifically among Jordanian clans and tribes. In different regions of Jordan. His focus on criticism of corruption and state administration was a reflection that he had plans and perceptions.

He added, “But it is not known that it rises to a level that he hopes to be a substitute for the ruling, and the case remains surrounding it. A lot of mysteries and secrets until the moment ”.

International solidarity with Jordan

What is more striking, according to Al-Raddad’s vision, is the international solidarity with Jordan, which is an indication that there is a narrative. It was shared with many heads of state and some security agencies, which contain details that have not been made public.

He pointed out that “Prince Hamzah’s movements on the Jordanian level, as announced by the Jordanian Foreign Minister, were carried out through coordination. Through three of the Jordanian security services.

These agencies are: the Jordanian Army, the Jordanian Intelligence Department, and the Public Security Agency.

The spokesman indicated that the movements of Prince Hamzah were previously informed by the Jordanian security services.

He added, “But she was gathering some details and strings related to the case, the large part of which has not yet emerged. This is linked to the fact that they are progressive security investigations, and confessions may appear during the investigation that have a link to this case.

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