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The strange black spots appearing on the bodies of a number of athletes participating in the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2021”, have raised the public’s questions about their causes.

Black spots and the Tokyo Olympics

It is not the first time that these black spots appear on the bodies of a number of athletes, as they have previously appeared on both Japanese swimmer Akira Namba and Kyle Chalmers from Australia in previous sessions of the Olympics.

And the British newspaper, The Independent, reported that these black spots appeared at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, on the back of the gold medalist Michael Philip, the American gymnast Alex Nadur.

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These black marks appear on the bodies of a number of players, known as “cupping”, an ancient treatment with ancient historical roots in the Middle East and Asia.

Cupping was used in ancient times, and for more than five thousand years, and scientists and researchers in the present era were unable to determine the first to use it from the ancient humans, but they discovered some traces of their use of cupping.

Through it, some simple primitive tools are used, such as metal cups, ox horns, and bamboo trees, and among the ancient civilizations that were used: the Chinese, the Pharaohs, the Indians, the Babylonians, the Romans, the Arabs before Islam, and the Muslims after Islam.

cupping benefits

Cupping has many health benefits, most notably treating high blood pressure, treating migraines, treating skin problems, treating infertility diseases, stress and depression, and activating blood circulation in the human body as well as treating blood diseases.

The Olympic Games “Tokyo 2021” began on the 23rd of July of this month, and will continue until the 8th of next August.

These competitions are limited to the presence of players without the presence of fans due to the repercussions of the outbreak of the Corona epidemic “Covid 19” in the country of Japan.

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