Determine the rules for civilian workers to use housing attached to government installations


The Council of Ministers approved a draft decision of the President of the Republic regarding the regulation of conditions and rules for the use of civil servants in the state to housing attached to government facilities and installations, taking into account the observations made by some ministers.

The decision stipulates that “all administrative authorities are obligated to list the administrative housing units that are affiliated with them, or attached to their buildings, and designated for the residence of their workers and what is included in the records prepared specifically for this purpose.”

According to the draft decision, “the worker shall occupy the housing unit by a decision of the competent authority, or whoever delegates him to the authority that follows him. He must take care in the use of the unit and in maintaining it, what the usual person does, and he is responsible for what happens to the unit during his use of it in terms of damage or destruction not arising from his use of it in a familiar use, and it is not permissible to make a change in it without the permission of the owner / supervisor. Violation of that resulted in harm to her. He undertook to restore the situation to what it was, and to compensation if necessary.

“The owner of the housing unit is obligated to maintain the maintenance work and the quality of that unit, and to carry out the necessary repairs thereof. To remain in the state in which it was delivered.

The draft resolution specified the conditions that must be met by those who benefit from occupying the administrative housing, and the project also included how to determine the rental value of the government housing unit, and the Prime Minister authorized the matter of reconsidering the rental value ratios according to the requirements of the situation. The project also stipulated the creation of a special account called “an account against a right The use of government housing “in each administrative body is addressed to the provisions of this decision, in which the consideration that the administrative authority collects from the usufruct that it obtains from the beneficiary workers, as well as the consumption of its facilities, is spent on maintenance work for these dwellings, and its surplus is carried over from a fiscal year For another.

The draft decision also obligated the administrative body to provide the Ministry of Finance at the end of each fiscal year, within the final accounts, with a detailed statement of the number of units available to it and occupied from them, and the value for the right of usufruct.

The article defining the rules for civilian workers to use housing attached to government facilities was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.