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The English Premier League Football League announced today, Wednesday, the date of the postponed derby match between runner-up Manchester United and rival Liverpool.

Within the competitions of the 34th week of the Premier League, after it was postponed for security reasons before the start of the match, with the close of the league victory for the Man City team, who is at the top of the standings.

The date of the Manchester United and Liverpool match

The “Premier League” League stated in an official statement that the match between Manchester United and its guest competitor, Liverpool, will take place on the 13th of May of this month.

The Premier League match between Manchester United, the “Red Devils” and his Liverpool counterpart, “The Reds”, has been postponed.

It was scheduled to take place on the original date last Sunday, after Manchester United fans protested against the club’s American owners.

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Dozens of Manchester United fans also took possession of the “Old Trafford” stadium before the start of the match between the two teams, despite the fact that it was closed to the masses.

These restrictions were imposed by the government authorities, in order to limit the spread of the Corona virus epidemic in the country, as the official return of the fans of English clubs to the stadiums has not yet been decided by the English Federation and the British authorities.

Manchester United fans raise the banners

A number of fans who were able to storm the Manchester United stadium, hosting that confrontation, raised banners calling for the departure of the Manchester United club’s royal family.

Banners were also carried by the angry fans, saying: “We decide when you will play.”

The angry protests of Manchester United fans came to demand the departure of the “Glazers”, which owns Manchester United. Which was among the founding teams of the European Super League. Accompanied by 11 clubs in the European continent.

Manchester United and Chelsea match postponed

And the British “Sky Sport” network reported earlier, that the English League had considered the need to postpone the Manchester United match against Liverpool.

And the association added, saying: “The decision was made for security reasons, at a time when the Manchester United team announced that the meeting had been postponed to a date yet to be determined, after discussions with all parties to take the decision, most notably the English League and British police.”

European and Super League clubs

British press reports confirmed that the six English teams had withdrawn from the European Super League championship, namely Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham. The last club to withdraw was Chelsea, England.

This was followed by the withdrawal of the Italian clubs, Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus despite their support for that step, as well as the only Spanish team that withdrew, Atletico Madrid, while Barcelona and Real Madrid remained adherent to that step and refused to withdraw.

Despite the recent loss, however, the leaders of Man City are at the top of the Premier League standings with 80 points, while the English German United team comes in second with 67 points.

West Ham rise and Arsenal fall

Leicester City is in third place with 63 points. While the Chelsea team is in fourth place with 61 points.

West Ham came in fifth in the standings with 55 points, one point ahead of Liverpool, in sixth place with 54 points.

Tottenham and Aston Villa and standings

With the decline of Tottenham, which is in seventh place in the standings with 53 points, and came in the eighth place, Everton, with 52 points.

While Aston Villa is ranked ninth in the standings with 48 points, while Leeds United is in tenth place with 47 points, during the English Premier League competitions this season.

English Premier League top scorers

England’s Harry Kane is top scorer with Tottenham Hotspur, with 21 goals.

The Egyptian Liverpool “Reds” star, Mohamed Salah, came second in the standings with 20 goals, one goal behind the Premier League leader.

The midfielder in the ranks of Manchester United, “Bruno Fernandes,” came in third place in the league standings, with 16 goals.

Followed by South Korean striker “Heung-Min Son” in the ranks of Tottenham Hotspur in fourth place in the standings with 15 goals for this season.

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