Dhahi Khalfan responds to his critics on protecting Mecca with an article | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The former deputy chief of Dubai police, Dhahi Khalfan, responded to criticism directed at him regarding his tweets about protecting Mecca and the Holy Kaaba from the Houthis. And this is within the framework of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s initiative to form a “military Islamic alliance” when he was deputy crown prince.

A previous article in which Dahi recalls

The article, which Khalfan referred to, was published in the Saudi newspaper Al-Youm entitled “More than 2 billion awaiting the coalition.” To 2015, when Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced an initiative to form an Islamic alliance of 34 Islamic countries. To combat terrorism and establish a joint operations center in Riyadh.

Dahi Khalfan said in a tweet on his Twitter account, accompanied by a photo from the article: “Who attacked me yesterday. Looking at (today) and published in it yesterday, ”in reference to the article published in the Saudi newspaper, Al-Youm.

Previous Tweets

Khalfan had said, in a series of tweets, last Sunday: “Gather hundreds of thousands of fighters and surround Makkah from. All sides have sworn that we will spend them with lives, O Prime Time Zone of the Sunnah … so that Iran knows who we are and how we are. “

He added, “Bring the armies from all Islamic countries except Iran to maneuver to defend the house of God.” He continued by saying, “Show Iran that lives are cheap when its goal is to occupy Mecca.”

A suspicious Emirati role

Earlier, the famous Omani tweet, “Al-Shaheen,” revealed the truth about the suspicious Emirati role in Yemen. And continue to Abu Dhabi. The involvement of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Riyadh in the lost Yemen war. In addition to the Emirati-Israeli cooperation in a number of regions of Yemen.

This came, in a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”, in response to the statements of the former deputy chief of Dubai Police, Dhahi Khalfan. Regarding their warnings about the efforts of Iran and the Houthis to destroy the Kaaba and occupy Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

Al-Shaheen said: “The issue does not need a show of force in this way. Except for those who were still counting for war by the Roman armies. And the Mongols or the Spartans gathered to besiege Troy. ”

“This means giving up all forms of qualitative superiority, technological precedence, military tactics and strategic thought,” he added.

Parasites of brains and a sectarian chord

He added, “But the tweet in itself, if we exclude its outward words, is successful in arousing public opinion, as it touched. The most important chord parasites live upon. Sectarian chord, which is the easiest stimuli and influences. It is shared by the moderate and the terrorist. The awake and the insane, the obedient and the evildoer, the criminal and the security man.

He also continued: “The tactic (all from Iran) is successful at all times to divert attention from many things.”

And he continued: “Perhaps the digging in Tweets Dahi raises some views that coincide with an unprecedented division of the coalition leadership. At the level of countries, after clarification of some things specifically for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Israeli Naval Intelligence Center

He continued: “First, the Kingdom was surprised by the operation of the Israeli Naval Intelligence Center on the island of Socotra without its knowledge. The concerned countries did not respond to inquiries regarding jamming the radars of the Saudi Royal Navy. Coastal defenses and the matter came to the discovery of mines in the Red Sea, which were dealt with by other naval weapons.

He added: “Secondly, recently the mercenary forces of a Gulf state have been withdrawn from East Africa and repositioned in the east. Yemen, in large and disturbing numbers. ”

He also added: “This took place without Riyadh’s knowledge or coordination with it, and in a way that changes many security and intelligence measures in particular. It directly affects the operations of the Saudi forces in Yemen.

Tension between Riyadh and Washington

And he continued: “Third, during the recent tension between Riyadh and Washington, the Kingdom negotiated secretly with Russia over the acquisition of defense systems. Short-range anti-aircraft drones via an intermediary third-party (Serbia). To be surprised by the failure of the deal through a member of the Gulf Arab coalition, after his attempt to persuade Riyadh to buy a more expensive Chinese system.

Al-Shaheen also added: “Despite the unspoken tension between Moscow and Riyadh, the deal is with the manufacturing party (Yulianovsk). It was going well. And at a cost that far exceeds the supply price, due to the threat posed by the Houthis to the kingdom’s airspace.

Al-Shaheen went on to say: “The third party was keen that the Kingdom did not acquire these systems by any means.”

And he said, “Fourth, Saudi public opinion has recently and remarkably noticed the process of documenting the actual smuggling of Houthi weapons. By a member state of the coalition and through mediators in Yemen and East Africa. These details are supported by evidence, documents, evidence, clues and facts.

Gulf lobby

He also continued: “Fifthly, it was reported to the Kingdom’s embassy in Washington, through sources confirming that the media and political support was provided. Previously, through the (Gulf Lobby) there, his positions changed completely in an attempt to contain the administration of democrats and influence them, leaving the Kingdom to face the Khashoggi file alone, which he secretly fueled.

Al-Shaheen added, “The coming weeks will be full of unexpected surprises. What is the kingdom’s acceptance of Omani mediation? To end the war in Yemen under American supervision. However, an indication that the coalition will actually end the war on Yemen. And its dismantling even before the application of the first provisions of the peace. Not bad but cunning threat to his family”.

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