Dhahi Khalfan: Saudi Arabia used us on the battlefield, and now it is using the Sultanate of Oman for peace A homeland tweeting outside the flock


A tweet written by Dhahi Khalfan, the former deputy police commander of Dubai, about the Saudi rapprochement with the Sultanate of Oman, and the historic visit of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq to Saudi Arabia, caused an uproar on social media platforms.

Dhahi Khalfan said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, (I believe that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia used the Emirates on the battlefield and today it is using Oman in the message of peace).

Khalfan added: (Therefore, it is necessary to look at matters logically, and we are not surprised by any efforts made by any of the parties in order to confront the plans aimed at destabilizing the region).

Dhahi Khalfan is causing a sensation

Dhahi Khalfan’s tweet caused an uproar on social media platforms, as activists directed their arrows towards the UAE after Khalfan recognized that it is a country of wars and an attempt to reduce the power of Saudi Arabia.

Nashwan Al-Humairi said: “Saudi Arabia is too big to seek help from anyone, and its relationship with all countries is based on ties of blood, neighborliness, brotherhood and common interests.”

He added: “The flatness that some practice is only passed on to the naive. It is all Arab countries that need Saudi Arabia and not the other way around. We hope that we name the names by their proper names and that we do not envy Prime Time Zone for its rights and greatness.”

An account in the name of “Al-Sibai” commented: “Oman is able to participate in the war, as its military power is stronger than the Emirates, but Oman does not want Saudi Arabia to enter the war because it is an American quagmire to destroy Saudi Arabia.”

He added, “Unlike the Emirates, which wants Saudi Arabia to fall into this quagmire, so Oman refused to participate, and when it helps Saudi Arabia to get out of Yemen.”

Mona Jaaboub said: “Oman, with everyone, is the table for dialogue and peace, and surely any hidden scheme aimed at destabilizing the security of the region will fail and disappoint.”

She added: “Politics in the end is a relationship of exchange of issues, interests and harmony. May God protect the region from the evil of temptation, intrigue and intrigue.”

Another commented: “Saudi Arabia is able to defend itself, and the Arab and Islamic nation and the Emirates came within the framework of the coalition, not within the framework of subsidizing the Kingdom.”

The Saudi-Emirati dispute

Recently, Saudi-Emirati disputes surfaced, which was evident in the major shift in Saudi policy in the region’s alliances, which prompted Abu Dhabi to sabotage Riyadh’s efforts to reach an OPEC Plus agreement.

It was clear in the Saudi-Emirati dispute, the warm reception of the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to Sultan Haitham bin Tariq.

The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, said that Mohammed bin Salman’s reception of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq was a clear indication of the depth of the Saudi-Emirati differences.

The newspaper said that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, received another slap from his Saudi counterpart and his former partner, Mohammed bin Salman, this time – as the newspaper says – in the form of a rapprochement with the Sultanate of Oman, which has great tension between it and the UAE, rooted in ambitions. Emirates in the territory of the Sultanate.

The newspaper pointed out that the pace of the Saudi move against the UAE indicates that the battle will be harsh on bin Zayed, whose main bet remains the success in weakening bin Salman, as he contributed to his rise. Will he be able to do that?

The newspaper said: When Mohammed bin Salman noticed that the Sultan of Oman, Haitham bin Tariq, did not put a mask on his face when he got off the plane at Neom Bay Airport, at the beginning of his visit to Saudi Arabia, in which he opened his foreign trips as a sultan, he removed his mask, out of respect for the guest. .

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She added, “This was only one sign of the exceptional hospitality with which Ibn Salman received his guest, along with his father, the King, in the first official reception in which the latter participated since the start of the Corona pandemic.”

And she continued, “Welcome, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, must have watched its details well, especially since it was barely two weeks after Ibn Salman himself took a decision to prevent Emiratis from visiting his country, on the pretext of the spread of the Corona virus in the Emirates.”

punitive measures

And he continued: “In what was the opening of a series of “punitive” measures against the latter. By all accounts, the Saudi-Omani rapprochement perpetuated by the sultan’s visit represents a strong blow to bin Zayed, who has become aware of a great danger from the actions of his former partner.”

And the report continued: “A slap gives it additional significance by its emergence in NEOM, which bin Salman wants to take the role of Dubai, which Sultan Haitham did not fail to mention, when he wrote in the guest record that this city will have an “economic standing in the world.”

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