Did a Saudi Qatari man, Hind Al-Qahtani, gift the palace where you live in America !? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Saudi Arabia, Hind Al-Qahtani, denied what was being circulated about a Qatari gifting her the palace in which she lives with her children in America, and said: “It’s all with Drahami and Felousi.”

Hind Al-Qahtani: By God, there are no men who gave me one riyal!

Hind Al-Qahtani said, through a video clip of her through the application of “Snapchat:” It is not true that I know about my country, and he is the one who gave me the palace .. all with my dearness and my money … see, oh women, what men will give you in the wide range .. By God, there are no men who gave me a riyal. One but the men who tell them ads. ”

And she explained: “My life is nothing but from my own business or advertisers..and I am if in my life a man would come out to you and let you see him, or at least I will say.”

The source of India’s wealth

Hind said that her main income is the advertisements that she makes through her Snapchat account, in addition to owning an import and export company.

She emphasized that everything she owned was from her money, even when she was married to the father of her children, she was responsible for purchasing her personal belongings.

Reem Abdullah imitates Hind Al-Qahtani

The Saudi artist, Reem Abdullah, ignited social networking sites by imitating Hind Al-Qahtani in the “Studio 21” program, which is shown on MBC1.

Reem Abdullah appeared performing one of Hind Al-Qahtani’s famous videos, and imitated her physical gestures and tone of voice, which made her the top of the trend through “Twitter”.

For her part, Al-Qahtani responded to Reem Abdullah’s tradition, and published a photo documenting her name in the list of most discussed topics on “Twitter”, and commented: “The most beautiful and the cutest of those who imitate me.”

Reem Abdullah replied to her: “When you deal with classy Prime Time Zone and accept jokes with brotherhood and sincere intention, the response will be such-and-such.”

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