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Did Rahaf Al-Qanun renounce Islam after criticizing the imposition of the veil on women? A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Saudi Arabia continues to stir up controversy, and has moved from challenging the customs and traditions of its country to challenging the Islamic religion and declaring its apostasy. She also sharply criticized Islam’s imposition of the veil on women.

Women who left Islam

And Rahaf participated in a tweet to her on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan) through the hashtag “WomenLeavingIslam”, which means in Arabic “women who left Islam.”

Activists considered this an explicit declaration by her of her conversion from Islam.

Rahaf al-Qunun sharply criticized the veil and its imposition on women in the Islamic religion.

“How can the hijab be optional if you will be punished if you do not wear it?” She asked.

“Millions of women and girls are forced to wear the hijab,” said Rahaf, who fled Saudi Arabia to Canada and was granted asylum.

She also concluded her tweet with the phrase: “My body is my choice.”

In addition to the tag “Women who left Islam,” Rahaf Al-Qunun attached her tweet with the medals “From Hijab to Freedom”, “Day of No Hijab” and “Free from Hijab.”

a challenge BussItChallenge

Al-Qunun caused widespread controversy recently during its participation in the BussItChallenge Challenge.

The BussItChallenge Challenge appeared on social media, especially on “Tik Tok”, where many celebrities appeared. And the pioneers of the communication sites wearing normal clothes before the video moved in the last half of it to their appearance in other sexy clothes.

Al-Qunun published a video clip of it on its official page on the photo-sharing site “Instagram”, which received more than 170,000 viewers, about 24 hours after its publication. At the time I used the feature to determine who is allowed to comment on the video.

Rahaf Al-Qunun returns to her husband

And Rahaf announced her official return to her husband and father of her Congolese child, Lovolo Randi, after announcing their separation weeks ago.

And Rahaf published a picture on “Instagram” showing Randy carrying their daughter “Bana”, and she attached her to a comment in which she said: “You are my home, my property and my princess, family is everything.”

The reason for the separation of Rahaf

Weeks ago, Rahaf surprised her followers by announcing her separation from her husband and the father of her only child.

Regarding the reason for her separation, “Rahaf” said; Because she was so quick to enter into a relationship at a young age without being ready and “messed up in my Molly”.

Al-Qunun added, “I do not allow any rumors to be published.”

Who is Rahaf Al-Qunun ?!

It is worth noting that Al-Qunun is a Saudi girl, born in 2000, and accused her family of preventing her from studying at the desired university.

Her brother also imprisoned her, with the help of her mother, for months after she cut her hair, but was subjected to physical and psychological abuse, and she was just around the corner from being forced into a traditional marriage without her desire.

The Saudi activist was subjected to death threats for her conversion from Islam. This made her seek asylum in Canada.

Rahaf holed up after escaping from her family in a hotel room at “Bangkok” International Airport to avoid the Thai authorities deporting her.

Rahaf Al-Qunun reveals the reasons for her escape

After she fled Saudi Arabia and came to Canada in January 2019, Rahaf spoke to the media about the reasons for her escape. And her social and family conditions in the kingdom and her suffering as a result of “persecution” and the pressure that was exerted on her.

In an interview with the Canadian “CBC” network, she said that her family imprisoned her for 6 months because she cut her hair because that is considered “imitation of men and is forbidden in Islam.”

The Saudi girl explained that she was subjected to violence and beatings, especially by her mother and brother, and “sometimes I would have blood and blood”.

And about the situation of her peers from among the girls in Saudi Arabia, Rahaf says in an interview she was interviewed in January 2019 after her arrival in Canada. “For us Saudis, we are treated like slaves. We cannot make personal decisions even when studying to marry a job.”

She admits that she was afraid, but was convinced that obtaining her freedom deserved to “risk my life” and indicates that what frightened her the most. It is if her order was revealed and arrested, “because I would have disappeared and do not know what my fate would be after that,” she says.

In the interview, the young Saudi woman indicated that even in Canada, she received threatening messages that amounted to about “100 threats a day.”

It should be noted that her family published a statement after the escape of their daughter declaring her innocence from “the disabled daughter who offended her disgraceful behavior … to the reputation and dignity of the family.”

Suppression of feminism

Before Prince Muhammad bin Salman assumed the mandate of the Covenant, and before he even rose to prominence, there was some movement for a number of Saudi activists. They used multiple means to express their desire for freedom. Social media is at the heart of it. Several issues were discussed in this context, whether the demand to grant the right to drive cars or to abolish male guardianship over women.

However, with the rise of Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince and his approach to the throne of the Kingdom, the country witnessed a formidable security grip that had not been witnessed in its modern era. Fear of expressing opinions increased and women’s contributions decreased a lot in this regard, as it came to the arrest of women. They were at the forefront of the feminist movement in Saudi Arabia, and some of them demanded the right of women to drive cars before bin Salman appeared on the scene.

Arafat Al-Majed, a member of the Municipal Council in Qatif, said, “Everything that is said in this regard is purely fabrication, evidenced by the fact that not all of the activists. They were arrested or imprisoned, and those who were arrested were arrested based on the reports received by the state confirming their involvement in dealings with external parties.

She added, “Saudi Arabia is in a state of strong change, and there are those who are satisfied with that trend, and there are those who reject it altogether and in detail. Those who say that the kingdom violates rights must confirm their claims with evidence and evidence.”

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