Did the Algerian army thwart an Israeli submarine’s attempt to spy on its training and succeeded in expelling it!? | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists said via Telegram and Twitter, that the Algerian Navy forced an Israeli submarine to climb over the water and leave its place, after it was spying in the Mediterranean on exercises carried out by the Algerian army on the coasts of Oran.

An Israeli submarine spied on the Algerian army’s training

According to what was published, an Israeli Dolphin-type submarine tried to track the launch of a Club-S cruise missile from a submarine of Project 636 training, but it was discovered and followed by two Algerian submarines and forced to surface and leave the area.

The Russian journalist specializing in military affairs, Darko Todorovsky, said that the two Algerian submarines forced an Israeli submarine to retreat.

Todorovsky said in a tweet on his Twitter account, that an Israeli submarine tried to track a training missile launched by an Algerian submarine, which prompted the Algerian navy to move and force the Israeli submarine to retreat.

So far, there has been no official Algerian comment on what is being circulated about the Algerian army forcing an Israeli submarine to retreat, while Moroccan sources said that an Israeli nuclear submarine nicknamed “Doomsday” crossed the Strait of Gibraltar on September 25, and the Israeli submarine landed on the northern coasts. for Moroccan.

It is noteworthy that the Algerian-Moroccan relations witnessed a recent announcement of a rupture by Algeria, due to the “hostile acts” of the Kingdom against it.

Algeria had earlier accused Morocco of conspiring against it with Israel, while behind the arsonists of the forest fires that the country witnessed recently.

Algeria fires

For his part, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Algeria, Saleh Goujil, said that his country’s decision to cut diplomatic relations with Morocco was “necessary and obligatory.”

He pointed out that “Algeria was trying in the past to bypass some of the Moroccan moves for several considerations, but this time it came to allowing the enemy of Algeria and the enemy of the Arabs to threaten Algeria from Morocco within the framework of an official visit, with the consent of the Moroccan Foreign Minister,” referring to the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Israeli, Yair Lapid, to Rabat on the first official visit of a senior Israeli official to Morocco since the restoration of relations between the two countries late last year.

The flag of Morocco and Israel in occupied Jerusalem
The flag of Morocco and Israel in occupied Jerusalem

He pointed out that Morocco must “understand once and for all that Algeria does not accept or tolerate all the maneuvers practiced by the Kingdom for a long time.”

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While Morocco announced the normalization of relations with the Israeli occupation, Algeria does not recognize Israel and does not refer to it in official statements except as a “Zionist entity,” stressing that it will remain on the side of the Palestinian right no matter the cost.

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