Did the Jordanian regime buy Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb’s loyalty in exchange for the prestigious job? Massive attack by the Jordanians | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Activists on the communication sites launched a violent attack on the Jordanian lawyer Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb, after everyone was surprised by his appointment as head of the Audiovisual Media Authority, which is the highest official media body in the Kingdom, after he was affiliated with the opposition.

The appointment of Abu Al-Ragheb caused widespread controversy in Jordan, where activists believe that the consumer scenario pursued by governments is being repeated by attracting Prime Time Zone who are popularly accepted.

This is in the hope of convincing the street of its justifications and transforming the front of denunciation and condemnation within the ranks of the opposition.

One of the accounts wrote sarcastically about Abu Ragheb’s justification for denying him after his appointment: (From the sayings of Abu Al-Ragheb, the Ayatollah, may God sanctify his soul and his knees, and what is below him on the occasion of the new position, “State flags, not government flags.)

Stressing that the appointment of Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb as director of the Media Authority violates the constitution and the job system.

Many analysts believe that Abu Ragheb is not an opponent, as he does not belong to any movement, party, or opposition movement.

He is only a critic of official policies and not everyone who criticizes the opposition.

Dina Alam Farraj wrote criticizing the contradiction of al-Ragheb: (If a person calls for the abolition of the media and independent bodies and demands fair employment, and the same person appoints a director of a commission without announcing the vacancy and without competition. What do you think Tariq Abu al-Ragheb’s life would have been? Independent)

According to analysts, he may oppose Abu Ragheb by exploiting issues of public concern in search of the position.

Pointing out that he is not the only person who attracted the government, there are a number of opponents or critics of official policies who became ministers in previous governments.

Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb

With regard to the issue of appointment, “Iheqqaq Advocates, Studies and Consultations” organization said that the decision contravenes the provisions of the Jordanian constitution, and contravenes the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

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Likewise, the decision also contravenes the provisions of the appointment system for leadership positions.

She explained that the position of the General Manager of the Media Authority is considered one of the top public leadership positions, and it is classified as one of the second group jobs of the higher category.

It is a function that consumes public money and targets the public good. It should be selected in a regular competition after it is announced.

On the other hand, the Director General of the New Media Authority sent a message to critics of his appointment to the position, considering that criticism “is a great incentive to work hard and provide the best so that they retract their criticism.”

Abu Al-Ragheb said that he would leave the work and achievement to speak, in order to reach the information and deny the rumor to highlight the negatives of the correction and all of that to serve the great title (state media and not government media. “

The Council of Ministers, in its session held yesterday evening, Sunday, headed by Prime Minister Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, decided to appoint Tariq Khalil Musa Abu Al-Ragheb as Director General of the Media Authority.

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