Did Yasmina Al-Alwani, the star of “Arb Jot Talent” deceive the audience after publishing her picture with the veil!? | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Egyptian singer, Yasmina Al-Alwani, surprised the star of the “Arb Got Talent” program, by revealing the fact that she was wearing the hijab, after she published, on Friday, a picture of her with a comment that sparked controversy.

Yasmina Al-Alwani had posted on Twitter a picture of her wearing a veil, and commented: “Praise be to God, we have begun the stage of improvement and we have begun to die. Which was interpreted by followers as she retired and repented.

Yasmina Al-Alwani: It’s not too late for the veil!

But Yasmina Al-Alwani returned and said that she did not intend to wear the hijab after publishing her picture and her first comment.

And she said: “Everyone has joy for me from their heart and I wish for the veil. I would like to make it clear that the time is not over, and when our Lord wants, it will surely happen.”


And she explained: “The picture that I published, the tweet that passed, is not the first time I publish it, on the contrary, I published it a lot before, because I am optimistic about it, and the comment attached to it, I made it clear that I am afraid of Corona and I have improved, thank God.”

And she stated in another tweet: “Thank you for your interest and your prayers, and I hope that one day you will be my share, and pray for me to complete recovery, and be mindful of yourself, because Corona is really not easy, may God protect us and protect you all with folded hands.”

It is noteworthy that Yasmina Al-Alwani became famous after participating in the fourth season of the talent program Arabs got talent, and winning the “Golden Buzz” to reach the semi-finals after choosing Najwa Karam for her.

Yasmina Al Alwani

And the views of the song that she presented on the program “About the Lovers They Asked Me” reached more than 50 million views on YouTube.

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It is noteworthy that Yasmina Al-Alwani’s latest work is the clip “Eh, which is not in me”, which was released on her official YouTube channel in June 2019, from the words of Yahya Mahfouz, composed by Muhammad Misbah, and distributed by Tariq Tawakkul.

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