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“Direct employment” is a general demand of the Omanis .. Will Sultan Haitham bin Tariq respond? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Omani youth in the Sultanate demanded, through an electronic campaign on communication sites, to activate “direct employment” for job seekers, away from personal interviews and tests that they see as unfair to many young Prime Time Zone.

The hashtag “Direct Recruitment” topped the Sultanate’s list of most frequently used hashtags, and many activists emphasized that it is a general requirement.

Activists saw in their comments through the hashtag, according to what Watan monitored, that job seekers’ insistence on the demand for direct employment. It is caused by a wide gap between this segment and the Ministry of Labor.

They explained that there is no clear transparency in the vacancy screening mechanism, as per their description.

Also, there is no follow-up on the ground in the interviews that take place. In addition to the lack of coordination between the private sector and the Ministry of Labor, according to activists.

Hamid Saeed Akaak emphasized that the direct employment of Omanis increases the local recovery of small traders and supports them, as well as increases commercial activity within the country.

Stressing that he will eliminate at the same time the biggest calamity (the deadly emptiness), as he described it.

Meanwhile, Hisham Al-Kharousi said that a job seeker between two fires “will either accept any job offered to him by the Ministry of Labor, or give up that job that violates his educational path.”

Musabbah Al-Hattali shed light on a vivid example of this crisis, as he attached to his Twitter pictures of government decisions. He commented: “Our children in this tag are appealing to the government for direct employment after entering the Institute of Health Sciences 5 years ago.”

He continued, explaining: “The reason for their entry into this field is direct employment. Unfortunately, after graduation, a rewarding event happened. And they became among the jobseeker category.

One of the activists wrote: “Circumstances are greater than us, unemployment is fire and embers, and solutions are what we have with our hands. This is estimated and written.”

For his part, Salem Al-Dakhri considered that employment with seniority is “a right, justice and equality, and therefore direct employment is appropriate for all.” Especially the teachers, “his years were wasted without bright hope.” According to him.

The crisis of job seekers

The Omani government has recently been making great, tangible efforts under the direction of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, to ​​solve the problem of job seekers and reduce unemployment rates.

And this followed a package of bold decisions by replacing foreign employees with Omanis. And stop hiring expatriates in any government job. And providing many job opportunities for young Prime Time Zone in the public and private sectors.

The Sultanate of Oman seeks, through the new trends, to absorb its citizens looking for work by replacing foreign employees with Omanis. This is according to a previous invitation issued by the Ministry of Finance to government companies.

It is worth noting that the Omani Ministry of Finance recently called on government companies to start work on replacing foreign employees with Omanis in. “As quickly as possible” to absorb citizens looking for work.

Sultan Haitham bin Tariq is leading a national project to change the face of the Sultanate, which begins with Omanisation of jobs, especially government. Employing young Prime Time Zone looking for work and resolving their crisis as soon as possible according to systematic controls and plan.

Unemployment in the Sultanate of Oman

During the past days, social networking sites in the Sultanate of Oman issued the hashtag “Peaceful Gathering of Researchers 2021”. Which dozens of tweeters interacted with.

The issue of unemployment is on the top of the issues that concern Omani youth.

It is noteworthy that Sultan Haitham bin Tariq issued a package of bold decisions in this regard since his assumption of power.

These decisions have recently started to bear fruit in the processes of Omanisation of some jobs and the adoption of a policy of job replacement.

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