Dismissal of the Minister of Health .. Who is Hassan Al-Tamimi, against whom Iraqis revolted after the tragedy of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital A nation is tweeting out of tune


Iraqi activists demanded the dismissal of Health Minister Hassan Al-Tamimi, following the tragedy of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, which killed more than 80 Iraqis as a result of the explosion of gas cylinders in the intensive care unit inside the government hospital at dawn on Sunday.

Activists released a hashtag bearing the marking of the dismissal of the Minister of Health to demand the departure of the minister, whom they described as a “reckless”, while holding him fully responsible for the tragic tragedy that shocked the Iraqis from the ugliness of the photos and videos that were circulating.

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The High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq demanded the dismissal of the Minister of Health after the fire that broke out, on Saturday night, Sunday, in the intensive care unit of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, where patients with Covid-19 are being treated.

Dismissal of the Minister of Health

Tweeter Ahmed Abdel Sada said, commenting: “The tragic fire of the“ Ibn Al-Khatib ”hospital, which killed dozens of Prime Time Zone with Corona due to the explosion of oxygen bottles, confirms the Minister of Health’s failure to provide safety measures for patients, as well as his utter failure to address the Corona crisis in the first place because it is busy concluding corruption deals. In favor of the party that installed it ”.

While the journalist Omar al-Janabi said that the Minister of Health, the leader in the Sadrist movement, is the least that can be done at this moment, ministries concerned with Prime Time Zone’s lives that cannot be handed over to political parties involved in the establishment of militias and corruption! People’s lives are not a political deal!

“Everywhere in the world they take Prime Time Zone to the hospital in order to save them from death..as we go back, we must rescue Prime Time Zone from the hospital!” .. This was Ahmed Hamid’s comment on the tragedy of Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital.

Iraqis accused the minister of sheltering with the movement of Muqtada al-Sadr, while Tamimi said in previous statements that he had nothing to do with the marching bloc in the Iraqi parliament.

The minister tried to beautify his image, pointing out that his choice of the post of Minister of Health was commissioned by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, as he is a professional and not, as it is said, supported by the Sadrist movement!

Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital

Medical sources said that the fire that broke out in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital was caused by an explosion caused by “failure to comply with safety conditions related to storing oxygen cylinders.”

For its part, the official Iraqi News Agency quoted the Civil Defense as saying that its members managed to “save 90 Prime Time Zone out of 120 Prime Time Zone among the sick and their relatives” who were at the scene of the disaster, without giving any toll related to the dead and wounded.

Iraq, with a population of 40 million, has been suffering for decades from a shortage of medicines, doctors and hospitals.

Israel offers condolences to Iraq

On Sunday, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered its condolences to the Iraqis, for the victims of the Ibn al-Khatib hospital fire, which is designated for treating Corona virus patients, in the capital, Baghdad.

The Foreign Ministry published on the “Israel Speaks Arabic” page, a tweet in which it said: “We offer condolences to the Iraqis for their injuries following the outbreak of a fire in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad that caused dozens of injuries and deaths.”

The ministry added in its tweet: “Patience and solace for the families of the victims and a speedy recovery for the sick.” And the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs attached the tweet with a picture of the Israeli flag, with the Iraqi flag next to it.

The fire that broke out inside Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, after the explosion of oxygen cylinders inside the recovery hall, killed 55 Prime Time Zone.

Following the accident, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi ordered an immediate investigation into the reasons for his falling out with those involved in the ministry, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Media Office.

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