Divorce Asala Nasri from an Egyptian deputy only 3 months after their marriage! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Although the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, did not announce the news of her marriage in the first place, Egyptian media confirmed the news of her divorce from the Egyptian parliamentarian, Ahmed Abdel Majid.

The Egyptian newspaper (Sada Al-Balad) reported, citing private sources, that Asala and Ahmed Abdel-Majid decided to officially separate 3 weeks ago, less than 3 months after their marriage.

The newspaper pointed out that the two agreed to divorce quietly and in complete secrecy, especially as they have a good friendship.

Asala Nasri’s divorce and higher directives prevented the announcement of marriage!

And (Cairo 24) newspaper announced last April that it was alone in the news of Asala Nasri’s marriage to MP Ahmed Abdel Majid, amid great secrecy.

At the time, the newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying that Asala had married MP Ahmed Abdel Majeed, the representative. About the Raml Department in Alexandria Governorate, and they decided to announce this during a party to be held in a hotel in Alexandria, tomorrow, Friday. But it was postponed due to higher directives.

The source explained the delay in the news of the announcement of the marriage of Asala and MP Ahmed Abdul Majeed, because the latter had obtained approval from the party. Because he is a sensitive political figure and also an artist who is not Egyptian.

For his part, Ahmed Abdel Majeed denied the news of his marriage to Asala, stressing that he knows her well, but he refuses to delve into the nature of it. Their relationship is personal, according to his statement to the media.

Asala refuses to comment

Asala also refused to respond to the fact of her marriage, whether affirmative or negative, considering it a private matter.

Asala published a picture of her daughter Sham Al-Dhahabi, through her documented account on the (Instagram) application, and commented: (Because I do not hide. You have information and I think any news you should take from me as long as I am among you, and accordingly, today is the sermon of my daughter Sham. God).

Asala hinted at her preoccupation with other matters about marriage, and said: (This joy is my concern in addition to my responsibilities towards my children, my work, my family and my close friends).

Asala indirectly denied her marriage when she added: (When there is something new, I will tell you about it, I pray for Ahmed. They live a good, pure life free from all kinds of pain… and wish girls and boys to meet their dream and live a stable, sweet, clean life).

Joe Thunder confirms marriage

Asala’s words puzzled the followers at the time, especially since she did not directly deny the news of her marriage, while others reminded her of what a stylist said. Poetry and Lebanese artist Joe Raad, who confirmed the matter.

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Joe Raad had revealed that Asala’s marriage and the engagement of her daughter Sham, is real and not just a rumor.

Joe Raad said in a video he posted on Twitter at that time: (The marriage took place, and I don’t know if Asala will do a wedding or not, but every marriage has its own circumstances, as she said).

And he continued: (But Asala’s house will witness another occasion today, which is the engagement of her daughter Sham Al-Dhahabi, Asala, congratulations on the marriage, and Sham the engagement).

And Representative Ahmed Abdel Majeed, married and younger Asala, holds a doctorate degree in entrepreneurship, in 2019. From the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in November 2019.

Ahmed Abdel Meguid also obtained a master’s degree in 2012 from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. It is accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities, in addition to obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce from Alexandria University. Accounting Division in the year 2000.

Divorce Asala Nasri

In February 2020, Asala Nasri announced her official separation from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, after a marriage that continued. For many years, they had two children, Adam and Ali.

After Asala announced her separation from Tariq Al-Arian, Sham Al-Dhahabi, Asala’s daughter, revealed indirectly that the reason was. Behind the separation is El-Arian’s betrayal of her mother with a young woman 30 years younger than him.

Technical accounts have published pictures of what they describe as Tariq al-Arian’s (lover), an Armenian-Syrian model. Nicole Saafan, 30 years younger than him.

Nicole was seen, along with Al-Arian, on the northern coast of Egypt. She also began appearing with him more than once and is present by his side on occasions and evenings, while it is circulating that they will marry soon.

late teens

In another context, Asala Nasri shocked her fans with a new haircut, in her latest appearance on social networking sites.

Asala appeared in a (youth) haircut, as described by followers, while she adopted the blond color in her hair dye.

Some of the tweeters commented on Asala’s new and strange appearance as a “late teenager,” according to them.

While some saw that the artist’s face is long and does not fit the new haircut, and that she mischosen the color of the dye, because it is not suitable for her skin color.