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DJ Chug officially addresses her friend and makes a noise with kisses and hugs | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Emirati socialite star, nicknamed “DJ Shog”, has sparked widespread controversy on social media, with what she did on Valentine’s Day, which falls on the fourteenth of February.

Engagement ring and kisses

And “DJShug” published a video of her through her account on “Snapchat”, while another girl introduces her engagement ring, and bends her knee as men do.

In the video, monitored by “Watan”, the moment “DJ Shogg” accepts the ring presented by her friend, and then exchanges kisses and hugs as couples. In a way that provoked the followers.

Tweeters are angry

The video sparked a wave of anger among the tweeters, who disagreed with each other about the nationality of “DJ Shaw”, some of them confirmed that it is an Emirati, and others denied it. Demanding to be held accountable in all cases.

Tweeter Khalaf Al-Thubaiti expected that the video is a prelude to supporting homosexuals in the UAE, and wrote: “I expect the coming days that # the UAE is the first # Arab or Gulf country to support # homosexuals in particular, and it has opened the doors of religions.

Another wrote: “If you are plagued, hide, and do not boast of transgression, do you disobey whom? The mighty of the heavens and the earth.

Another wished for the resurrection to end so that these anomalous phenomena from conservative society would come to an end.

He linked the latest normalization of the Emirates with Israel to the spread of this phenomenon, and wrote: “The Emiratis are those who printed with Israel and their affairs are not controlled, cure them?”

The last opinion was similar to him, saying: “The UAE has everything that is permissible and has just modified some laws, including cohabitation between two unmarried parties. It has not met this act.”

Another demanded accountability for “DJ Chugg” and her friend, writing: “It should not go unnoticed .. We are in a state of law and an Islamic state. We all know the ruling of religion on this disgusting video and its effect on young Prime Time Zone.

Another tweet agreed with him and said: “They should be imprisoned or executed.”

While another tried to absolve the Emiratis of this act, and wrote: “This is the aftermath of naturalization from Yemen and the Levant. Things that are not of our customs have entered upon us. Nor from the Islamic religion. ”

The show

The “DJ Shog” is one of the most famous musicians in the world of “DJ” and has a fan base in the Gulf in general and the UAE in particular. Many Prime Time Zone flock to it to hold parties and events, especially women.

And “DJ Shoe” abandoned the female style and moved towards adopting a “male” style, wearing loose-fitting clothes and formal suits. This profession that used to be the preserve of men.

International gay rights conference

Earlier, Gulf press sources reported that the Emirati singer Hamad Al Mazrouei, who is close to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed. He will attend the international preparatory conference for gay and transgender rights, which the UAE will host next May.

The organizers of the fifteenth international conference on sexual identity and gay rights announced that Dubai will host the 15th edition of the conference next May.

In this context, Pink News posed many questions in this regard, the most important of which is the safety of the presence of homosexuals and their supporters to participate. And speaking at the conference, as UAE laws oppose this matter, while others welcomed this “penetration”.

According to the organizing body, the conference will bring together a number of academic scientists and researchers to exchange experiences and share the results of their research in all fields. Related to the rights of the “LGBT” movement.

The International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology said that the conference is a “multi-directional platform” and will allow researchers and academics from all over. The world is discussing the challenges facing the LGBT + community, but the Academy has not admitted that it is organizing its conference in one of the most anti-gay countries, namely the Emirates.

Ibn Zayed waived laws for gay Prime Time Zone

For its part, the magazine “LGBTQ Nation”, concerned with the news of what is known as “LGBTQ Prime Time Zone” around the world, pointed out that the UAE is traditionally hostile to homosexuality. And strict laws are adopted in this regard.

But she added that the state “has finally modernized its legal system so that it is less dependent on Islamic law and more in line with other countries. Including easing restrictions on alcohol ”.

A human rights organization has previously described the UAE as the first in the world in prostitution and alcohol, due to the corruption that the ruling regime publishes in it in pursuit of its economic interests.

Emirates permits drinking alcohol and cohabitation

Last November, the UAE adopted new amendments to the country’s personal status law, relating to “honor crimes”, inheritance, alcohol drinking, cohabitation and others.

The new UAE law allows cohabitation between the two sexes for unmarried Prime Time Zone, which was forbidden by law even for unrelated roommates.

The changes also included that the laws of an individual’s country of origin could be used in cases of divorce and inheritance; Which means not forcing millions. Residents of the country apply Islamic law when it comes to family law issues.

Honor crimes

The amendment to the law in the UAE also provides for the abolition of the article that gives a mitigating excuse in so-called “honor crimes” based on the amendments. So that murder crimes are treated according to the provisions in force in the Penal Code.

There would be tougher penalties for men who subjected women to harassment of any kind, including street harassment or stalking.

Alcohol consumption is no longer a crime in the new UAE law, and the law requires that an individual be at least 21 years old to drink legally. Anyone caught selling alcohol to someone who is considered a minor will be punished, and alcohol can only be drunk in private or licensed public places.

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DJ Chug officially addresses her friend and makes a noise with kisses and hugs |  A nation is tweeting out of tune