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Does Ibn Zayed have to assassinate the ruler of Sharjah after this message that reached him? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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An Emirati website exploded a heavy caliber surprise regarding sharp disagreements between the ruler of Sharjah, Sultan Al Qasimi, and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, the de facto ruler of the Emirates, due to the latter’s policies that tarnished the reputation of the UAE globally.

In this context, the site revealed “Emirates LakesDetails of a letter that allegedly arrived from Al-Qasimi to Bin Zayed, and carried sharp criticism of the latter. And his policies, especially the file of normalization and the alleged conclusion of the peace agreement with the occupation recently.

Sultan Al Qasimi also sent his message to the members of the Federal Supreme Council.

In it, he objected to the agreement declaring normalization signed by the UAE with Israel without consulting the members of the Supreme Council of the Union.

According to the message, Al-Qasimi also expressed his anger at the poor standing that the Emirates had reached due to its involvement in normalization and the continuation of wars and foreign interference.

He also protested – according to Emirates Leaks – against the escalating absence of the Federal Supreme Council, its failure to call for any meeting and undermining its powers in favor of Mohammed bin Zayed.

The ruler of Sharjah, according to the letter, inferred in his position that the UAE had recently been severely insulted by Israel.

And that was during the presentation of the documents of Abu Dhabi’s ambassador to Tel Aviv, Muhammad Al Khaja. Israel ignored the Emirati flag during. The official conference he brought together with the president of the occupation.

Al-Qasimi criticized Mohammed bin Zayed’s silence about this great insult to the UAE and its ambassador, as he considered his silence a major crime against the state.

The Ruler of Sharjah affirmed his adherence to the rejection of normalization with Israel and the need for an Emirati response to insulting the most important symbol of the state, the Emirati flag.

The secession of Sharjah

The website revealed that Saud Al Qasimi warned in his message that Abu Dhabi’s silence about this insult will send the Emirate of Sharjah to one road. It consists in seceding from the rest of the Emirates and declaring their independence.

It is noteworthy that a state of complete paralysis controls the Federal Supreme Council in the Emirates, which represents the highest constitutional authority in the country.

The last public meeting of the Supreme Council was on December 3, 2018.

The last decision issued by the Council was on November 16, 2019, to renew the “confidence” in Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the Emirates. For a fourth term of five years.

Since that date, no official decision has been issued by the Federal Supreme Council, although it assumes the supreme authority in the state.

The Council consists of the rulers of all the emirates that make up the federation, which shows the reality of the marginalization of the rulers of the Emirates.

This is done under the orders of Mohammed bin Zayed, who is the sole ruler of the Emirates and is responsible for drawing its foreign policies.

The ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Rashid, is responsible for internal administrative and governmental affairs, in coordination with Mohammed bin Zayed.

There has been no public meeting of members of the Federal Supreme Council for more than two years, with the exception of intermittent meetings between Mohammed bin Rashid and Mohammed bin Rashid.

This is done despite the UAE’s passing through stations that can be described as pivotal, such as the declaration of normalization with Israel and the intensification of foreign wars and interference by the state.

This reflects the severity of the internal differences between the rulers of the Emirates and their lack of unity over the policies taken while they remain silent.

Mohammed bin Zayed is the de facto ruler of the Emirates, but he is the only decision-maker in drawing up policies and conducting conspiracies.

Wife of Sharjah Ruler Jawaher Al Qasimi

It is noteworthy that, last January, Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, wife of the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah, Sultan Al Qasimi, published a tweet that met with great interaction. After a tweet I posted a week before. She raised the controversy with her sharp criticism of the Emirati normalization with Israel in the field of education.

This time, Sheikha Jawaher discussed internal matters related to the policies of the UAE, directing criticism of the administrative system that no one would dare to do. Under the security grip of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed.

Naturalization of children of Emirati women and providing job opportunities

The wife of the Ruler of Sharjah demanded the necessity of naturalizing the children of Emirati women, as well as providing job opportunities for Emiratis.

And its text was recorded according to what (Watan) monitored at the time: “Naturalization of the children of female citizens. A requirement to employ the children of the Emirates. demand.”

Sheikha Jawaher’s tweet was met with great interaction by activists.

The wife of the ruler of Sharjah criticizes normalization

It is noteworthy that, on January 28, specifically, the wife of the ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi. JewelrySharp criticism of the Emirati normalization with Israel in the field of education

Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi criticized the holding of a virtual meeting, via “video conference,” between the Israeli and Emirati ministries of education. To discuss cooperation in several areas.

Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, in a bold tweet monitored by “Watan”, said at the time, commenting on the meeting: “Their curricula … recommends killing an Arab and raping an Arab.”

The tweet, the wife of the Ruler of Sharjah, sparked a wide wave of responses, especially in light of the fear that the authorities plant in the hearts of citizens at home if they express their rejection of all forms of normalization.

A previous tweet by Sheikha Jawaher

It is worth noting that Sheikha Jawaher Al Qasimi, immediately after announcing normalization with Israel, re-published news from “CNN”. Entitled “Turki Al-Faisal: Establishing a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is the price for Saudi Arabia’s normalization with Israel.”

As for Bodour Al-Qasimi, the daughter of the ruler of Sharjah, she ignored the comment on the normalization agreement, but kept a “Instagram” post that she had published two days before the agreement was announced.

The tweet read: “I am Palestinian until Palestine is liberated, and Lebanese until Beirut is cured.”

This indicates the rejection of the rulers of Sharjah to the normalization efforts led by Abu Dhabi and imposed on the rest of the rulers of the Emirates and state institutions.

The normalization agreement

In mid-September 2020, the UAE and Bahrain signed two agreements to normalize relations with Israel.

This took place in a celebration at the White House with the participation of former US President Donald Trump, amid widespread Palestinian rejection.

This agreement culminated in a long chain of cooperation, coordination, communication and exchange of visits between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi became the first Gulf capital to advance normalization with Israel and the third Arab country after Egypt “1979” and Jordan “1994”.

Resolution without consensus

It is worth noting that the rulers of Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah did not issue any official support for the normalization agreement. Most of their cousins ​​and cousins ​​also ignored the comment.

The announcement of the normalization agreement between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi came after Netanyahu and other officials declared on more than one occasion that there is rapprochement with the UAE. And with other Arab and Islamic countries.

The pace of normalization has also increased, in the recent period, in various forms between Israel and the Arabs, through Israeli participation in sports activities. And cultural and economic that Arab countries, including the Emirates, are establishing

Federal Supreme Council

In the context, Emirati opponents say that Abu Dhabi, whose decision is controlled by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, has marginalized any presumed role for members of the Federal Supreme Council.

The Supreme Council consists of the sheikhs of the seven Emirates, and they must all participate in making sovereign decisions. However, Abu Dhabi is unique for that for years. According to activists.

The opposition, Hamad Al-Shamsi, said that it had recently managed to marginalize the Supreme Council of the Union and began to take decisions on behalf of the state alone.

Al Shamsi indicated that this represents a coup against the constitution, in an indication of the marginalization of other Emirates.

He explained that according to Article 113 of the UAE Constitution, the decree-law regarding the abolition of the boycott of Israel law is considered null if the Federal Supreme Council does not ratify it within a week of its date.

It is noteworthy that, last year, the UAE, by presidential decree, abolished the boycott of Israel law, and allowed its citizens to cooperate in commercial and financial cooperation with the Israelis.

This came in a decree issued by UAE President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, according to the country’s official news agency.

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