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Donia Batma deceived everyone with her innocence of the case of “Hamza Moon Bibi” and a Moroccan artist who caused a surprise | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Moroccan actress Saida Sharaf blew a big surprise when she revealed that her colleague and fellow countryman, Donia Batma, deceived everyone by declaring her innocence on the case of blackmailing celebrities known in the media as “Hamza Moon Baby”.

Donia Batma defies the law

Saida Sharaf said at a press conference held in the same hotel where Dunia Batma held a conference last week. What her colleague did was to defy the law and the Moroccan judiciary, falsify the facts and expose the truth, but amputated.

Saida Sharaf indicated that she took this step to restore self-esteem and reveal the truth hidden by Donia Batmeh’s lawyer. Confirming that she possesses all the documents that prove Dunia Batma’s conviction by the Court of Appeal and the Court of First Instance with three misdemeanors out of six.

Saida Sharaf said during the conference: “Dunia Batma’s responsibility in Hamza Moon Bibi’s file is fixed, and this is what the judiciary confirmed during the primary and appeals phases. Otherwise, why was she convicted and four months added to the appeal stage?

The involvement of Donia Batmeh is proven in the investigations

Saida confirmed that she has no problem with Donia Batmeh, adding: “On the contrary, she is my daughter, and I have no interest in uncovering her. But I am against falsification of facts and their responsibility with the Hamza Moon Bibi account gang is proven and proven by the security investigations. ”

Saida Sharaf pointed out that Batmeh’s accusation instrument in the court of first instance contained six misdemeanors, the first of which was participating in entering the automated data processing system by fraud.

As for the second misdemeanor, it is intentionally participating in obstructing the functioning of the system, causing disturbance in it, and changing the method of treating it. It also broadcasts and distributes through the information systems the statements and pictures of Prime Time Zone without their consent.

Simo Bin Bashir behind the “Hamza Moon Baby” account

Saida Sharaf continued: “The fourth charge is broadcasting false facts through the system with the intent to harm the private life of Prime Time Zone with the intent to defame them. The fifth is participation in broadcasting false facts through the system with the intention of harming Prime Time Zone with the intention of defaming them, and finally threatening them.

Sharaf revealed that the person who manages the account of “Hamza Moon Bibi” is Simo Bin Bashir, the American resident media, adding: “Did they not tell you that the owner of the account is Simo Bin Bashir?” And they confessed to him in the file, and all the confessions are recorded.

Bin Saeed showed what was written in the record, and said: “In addition to their confirmation that they know that Aisha Ayyash pirated Siham Bada’s account. Donia Batma contacted the account manager about Saida Sharaf’s husband. This is in addition to the preliminary statement of the accused Ayesha Ayyash. Which confirmed the relationship of Donia Batma and Ibtisam Batma, with the account manager, Muhammad bin Bashir.

Ben Bashir allowed Batma and her sister to manage the account

Saeeda went on: “Bin Bashir asked Dunia to communicate and to allow her sister, Ibtisam Batmeh, to access this account. He told her that she had access to the same account, which are the statements that she also confirmed upon her interrogation with the investigating judge.

And she continued: “Dunya and Ibtisam’s relationship with the aforementioned account and its managers was also confirmed by Sophia Shakiri in advance and before the investigating judge’s master. As confirmed by the so-called Sakina Jinnah in a similar file.

Donia Batma crying

At the beginning of this month, Donia Batma held a press conference in Casablanca to announce her innocence and her sister Ibtisam of the accusation of defamation and defamation in the case of “Hamza Moon Bibi”.

Donia Batma could not control herself and cried during her lawyer, Abd al-Latif Bou Ashrin, about her sister Ibtisam Batmeh, saying that she would be released from prison on March 13th.

Donia Batma’s lawyer said that his client and her sister Ibtisam Batmeh were acquitted in both the first instance and the appeals courts. And they are following up because of complaints placed against them.

Donia Batmeh’s lawyer presented documents during the conference stating that the two sisters were innocent of running the Hamza Moon Bibi account, due to insufficient evidence.

Reasons for the innocence of Dunia Batma

Lawyer Bou Ashrine indicated that the court did not find any evidence that Donia Batma and her sister administered the account or that they interfered through the photos. In the participation provided for in Article 129 of the Criminal Code, in obstructing the functioning of the automatic processing system, causing disturbance in it, and changing its treatment method.

Likewise, the two sisters were not involved in broadcasting and distributing via the information systems the statements and pictures of Prime Time Zone without their consent. Broadcasting false facts with the intent to harm the private life of persons with the intent to defame them and participate in that, and threaten them.

And on the reasons for the appeals court lifting a minimum sentence of Batma from 8 months to 12 months in prison. Bou-twenty said: “The court relied on the testimony of the named Jawad Kenana, knowing that he was not present in this file and he did not submit any complaint.”

Hacker Anas Ajami

Bouachrine indicated that the second reason was Donia Batma’s contact with the hacker “Anas Ajami,” in order to retrieve the account of their sister, Iman, and her niece, after they were pirated.

Commenting on this point, Donia Batma said: “We searched for a person who could legally retrieve my younger sister’s account.”

She added, “They told us at the time that the latter had previously dealt with a group of actresses, including Saida Sharaf, and then actually recovered the account and sent the amount to him through a bank account.”

Bouachrine indicated that the actress Saida Sharaf and Sultana submitted a complaint against Ibtisam and Donia Batma accusing them of having a connection between them and Hamza Moon Bibi’s account, which caused Batmeh’s sentence to be lifted from 8 months to a year in prison.

Donia Batma and her sister

A few weeks ago, the Moroccan judiciary ended the appellate trial chapters for the defendants in the case and raised a minimum sentence of Batma to one year in prison instead of eight months, and a fine of 10 thousand dirhams (about a thousand dollars).

The Moroccan Court of Appeal ruled in Marrakesh, which upheld the first-year prison sentence against the sister of the Moroccan artist, Ibtisam Batma.

It also sentenced Sofia Shukiri to ten months in prison, while reducing the fashion designer Aisha Ayyash’s sentence to six months instead of a year and a half in prison.

Batmeh was tried in a state of release while the judicial control measure continued against her on charges of “participating in fraudulent data processing system.

It was also tried for deliberately participating in obstructing the functioning of this system, causing disturbance in it, changing the way it is treated, and broadcasting and distributing through the systems. Informatics statements and photos of Prime Time Zone without their consent. Broadcasting false facts with the intent to harm the private life of persons with the intent to defame them and participate in that, and threaten them. While her sister Ibtisam was prosecuted on the same charges, but in the case of arrest.

Happy honor

The issue of the “Moon Baby” account had erupted after the accusation of the “Instagram” account bearing the name of “Hamza Moon Baby”, the artist Saida. Honor to support and sympathize with separatists.

This made the Moroccan singer demanding the intervention of the authorities and intelligence to find out who was behind these accusations.

The account gained wide fame in a short time after the race to publish scandals of artists and famous “social media” Moroccans residing. Inside and outside Morocco, especially in the Gulf countries.

The scandals were documented with pictures and videos, and it became a haven for researchers searching for scandals of Moroccan celebrities and stars, in addition to the secrets and secrets of their personal and professional lives.

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