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Moroccan artist Donia Batma sparked widespread controversy in her latest appearance, due to her noticeably excessive weight and inconsistent colors of her fashion.

Donia Batma: Your life will be deviated from the script

Donia Batma published photos from the latest photo session she underwent, through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in a black (off shoulder) dress, which she coordinated with green shoes, and a purple bag.

The Moroccan artist attached her photos to a comment in which she said: (Your life will deviate from the text, and then you will learn to improvise).

Disproportionate clothes and excess weight

Followers mocked Donia Batma’s clothes and her weight gain, so the comments came: (Where do you get this fashion, Yedendon).

Another opinion agreed with her: (The kiswa has nothing to do with the place, the patina, the sack, or the sack).

And another wrote: (How did I choose the color of my boots, and my mother is color blind).

In the same way, another commented: (Brother, by God, it is not bullying, but it is not sweet and the colors are wrong).

Another likened her to the wife of the famous terrifying doll Chucky, and wrote: (You look like Chucky passed, I swear by God), and another wrote: (Silicone doll).

While others commented on her weight: (Dunia a seal), (Dunia a duck), (regardless of the fact that her face is repulsively large).

Donia Batma in a black swimsuit

A week ago, Donia Batma sparked a wide wave of controversy after publishing recent photos of her in which she appeared boldly.

Donia Batma published a picture of her through her Instagram account, in which she appeared in a bold black swimsuit in a swimming pool, revealing her body scandalously.

This image was presented by the Moroccan artist to widespread criticism and attack by her followers.

Donia Batma dancing with her friends and husband

It is noteworthy that a few days before that, the Moroccan artist Donia Batma celebrated, with her husband, Mohammed Al-Turk, a birthday party for their daughter (Ghazal), in which her friends and friends and a Moroccan artistic group participated.

Donia Batma, via the Instagram story, published videos from the ceremony, and she seemed extremely happy during the ceremony, as she appeared dancing and singing with her daughter and the audience.

Once again, the public criticized the Moroccan artist for changing her appearance as a result of plastic surgery.

The Moroccan artist had appeared a few days ago in a dance link during a celebration of the honeymoon of her sister, Ibtisam Batma, and her husband, YouTuber Fouad Qibibo.

Donia Batma published clips in which she danced with her sister, wearing the red Moroccan caftan, to provoke controversy due to her gaining some extra weight and changing her facial features due to plastic surgery.

Some news websites and social media accounts published pictures that they claimed showed the moment the Moroccan security authorities raided the engagement party of Ibtisam Batma, sister of Moroccan singer Donia Batma, in a villa in Marrakesh.

And the circulating news claimed that the raid came due to the “violation of the state of health emergency” imposed in the Kingdom, after a number of invited guests from the relatives and friends of the revelers flocked.

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However, a source close to the family of the newlyweds revealed to the electronic magazine Sultana, that all the news circulating about the engagement raid is unfounded.

He stressed that the ceremony was limited to the presence of family members and close relatives only, in respect of the precautionary measures imposed by the Corona pandemic, which prevent the establishment of large gatherings.

The first appearance of Donia Batma’s youngest daughter

In another context, Donia Butma unveiled the image of her young daughter (Lily Rose) for the first time, while celebrating the wedding of her sister, Ibtisam Batma.

Several pages on social media circulated a picture of Lily Rose in her first appearance, wearing a Moroccan caftan, just like her mother.

Activists expressed their shock at the beauty of Donia Batma’s younger daughter, especially that she does not resemble her father, mother or younger sister Ghazal, which raised their eyebrows, and made them guess that she resembled her aunt Ibtisam, or her half-sister, the young Bahraini artist Hala Al-Turk.

Donia Butma with different featuresلام

Donia had caused confusion among her followers because of her different features in a photo session, which she published in the month of Ramadan.

Donia Batma published a group of photos of her through her official account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared wearing a Ramadan abaya, and put on stark makeup.

Donia Batma commented on the photos, saying: “Your breakfast is healthy, I love you all.”

The audience wondered what happened to Donia Batma’s features, which seemed completely different, and some of them guessed that she had undergone new plastic surgery, while others said that she had increased the effects and modifications to the image using filters and the photo-editing program “Photoshop”.

Others also attacked Donia Batma for wearing blatant make-up during the day in Ramadan, and considered it inappropriate for the sanctity of the holy month.

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