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In her latest photos, which she publishes on social media, Moroccan artist Donia Batma opened a wave of controversy and wide comments, reaching the point of comparing her to the Syrian actress, residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib.

Donia Butma imitates Marwa Ratib!!

Donia Batma appeared wearing a white t-shirt, a short tight colored skirt, and bright purple shoes, and styled her hair in a loose style.

Followers of Donia Batma, in the last pictures, likened the Syrian artist residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, because of the emergence of her waist in a remarkable way close to the waist of “Marwa”.

Commentators accused Donia Batma of performing a waist sculpting operation to imitate Marwa Rateb’s body.

Donia Batma 1 2

One of the commentators on Donia Batma’s photos said: “Blowing away from me in this picture is not enough for this, or any.” Another wrote: “A new day .. a new face,” and a third follower commented: “Marwa Rateb, the Morocco branch!”

Marwa salary
Marwa salary

Donia Batma in a swimsuit in the pool

Prior to this appearance, Donia Batma sparked a new wave of controversy, after publishing bold pictures in a swimming pool, in swimsuits, which exposed her to sharp criticism from the public.

Donia Butma appeared in the pond, showing her upper body, and wearing a hat and sunglasses.

And the comments of the followers stated: “Which artist, do you not intend to blow and tighten again, or what?” Shine off.”

Donia Batma 10 1

The Moroccan artist also published pictures with a sexy look, in which she appeared in a pink shirt, without wearing anything from below.

Donia Batma 8

Donia Batma appeared, standing at a swimming pool, carrying a bag, and commented: “Loneliness… is better than a bad companion. It is better to turn your back… for those who do not deserve your presence in his life.”

Donia Butma

Donia Batma prevented the public from commenting on the pictures, to avoid comments criticizing her bold looks.

Donia Batma before and after

The Moroccan artist had published a video clip, through her Instagram account, in which she presents her followers with her method of applying makeup.

The artist was criticized by some followers, as some expressed their shock at her appearance before and after applying the make-up, in addition to the change in her facial features due to plastic surgery.

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The audience of the Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, criticized the excess obesity that has become apparent on her, in her appearances on social networking sites.

This came after Donia Batma published an advertisement for a clothing store, in which she appeared overweight.

Donia Batma is always criticized by her followers, because of her bold looks, and what plastic surgery has changed in her external appearance and the shape of her face.

Marwa Rateb jumps on the bed in her pajamas

As for the Syrian actress, who lives in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, she caused a sensation among the activists of the pioneers of social networking sites, with what she did in her bedroom.

Marwa Ratib appeared in a video on her account on (Snapchat), while she was wearing pajamas, standing on her bed, and jumping in a strange way to the tunes of a foreign song.

Marwa Ratib’s behavior sparked controversy among her followers with her strange behavior, and they accused her of madness, so it came in the comments: (God helps the chair and the mattresses suffer poor, oh sweetness.

It is noteworthy that Marwa Ratib (30 years old) began acting in 2006 through the series Jamra Ghady, where she played the character “Futun”, currently working as a fashionista, and she is followed by nearly half a million followers via (Instagram), after she changed her features significantly because of Cosmetic surgery.

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