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Moroccan artist Donia Batma has returned to stir controversy again, and to return to wearing sexy summer clothes.

Bikini orange!

This time, Donia Batma wore orange cashmere, in the photos that she posted through her official account on the (Instagram) application.

And Donia Batma went even further, when she published a picture of the swimsuit alone, as an advertisement for the brand that she is promoting.

Donia Butma again angered Moroccan women, who accused her of harming their reputation with her daring clothes, along with her sister, Ibtisam Batma.

Attack on Donia Butma

Others also commented on her significant increase in weight, so it came in the comments: (At the end of your life, did you advertise for swimwear?).

Another commented: (From my position, I would like to thank Al-Munajjid who stuffed himself and found this body).

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Another mocked at her weight, saying: (Its shape has blown up everywhere.)

Another saw that Donia Batma was old and replaced with a new copy, and wrote: (This one was imprisoned in exchange for it, they took the old one and put the new one).

Ibtisam Butma in swimsuit: (ignoring the looks)

It is not the first time that Butma has appeared in swimsuits, as the Moroccan artist and her sister, Ibtisam and Iman, crossed all the red lines, and appeared in the swimming pool weeks ago.

The beginning was when Ibtisam Batma published a group of photos that she collected with her sister Donia and Iman Batma in the swimming pool, and showed only the upper part of their bodies, which shocked their followers with the audacity they reached.

Ibtisam Batma wrote on one of the photos a comment that said: (Ignore words and looks, and if necessary, ignore Prime Time Zone).


Donia Batma did not publish the pictures on her page, but she was not spared the comments on her sister’s page, so one of them wrote: (God helps Mona Al-Saber, then I knew why she was striving to take her daughter in such shapes because the girl did not walk the aisle of Dhi and her sisters).

Another wrote: (Which of them is the world who underestimated? Nudity has become a normal thing and immorality).

And another agreed with him, commenting: (Oh my God, what is the mockery of the lack of pictures that you depict in disgraceful clothing and publish it).

Donia was exposed to an embarrassing situation yesterday, Tuesday, after she posted a video clip on her Instagram page without a filter.

A number of the Moroccan artist’s followers took some clips from the video and circulated them, to show the difference between the modified photos and the video that revealed their true form without any modifications.

The public accused her of deception and manipulation, and of resorting to photoshop and filters to appear this way to them.

The Moroccan artist’s audience also criticized the excess obesity that has become apparent on her, in her appearances on social networking sites.

This came after Donia Batma published an advertisement for a clothing store, in which she appeared overweight.

Donia Batma’s “red” look

Moroccan artist Donia Batma underwent a new photo session, in a fiery red dress.

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Donia Batma appeared in the photos she published via (Instagram), with her new face, wearing a tight red dress, and with a side slit that revealed part of her leg.

Donia Batma 6

Donia left her hair loose, while she put a summer hat on her head in some pictures, completing her look with open silver shoes. Donia commented on the photos by saying: (Hello everyone, I wish you a happy day).

The audience criticized Donia Batma’s shift to advertisements and fashion brands, and mocked her frequent appearances on social media to show her body and not her artwork.

And the comments stated: (What does society benefit from seeing your face every half hour?). Another mocked: (The same dress and face change every time).

Another likened her to the late international singer Michael Jackson, in reference to the plastic surgery she had recently performed and changed it completely, and wrote: (Michael Jackson 2).

Donia Batma before and after applying makeup

The Moroccan artist had published a video clip, through her Instagram account, in which she presents her followers with her method of applying makeup.

The artist was criticized by some followers, as some expressed their shock at her appearance before and after applying the make-up, in addition to the change in her facial features due to plastic surgery.

Donia Batma is always criticized by her followers, because of her bold looks, and what plastic surgery has changed in her external appearance and the shape of her face.

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