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Ibtisam Batma, sister of Moroccan artist Donia Batma, returned to displaying her body in a bold way, with the participation of her teenage daughter Lina this time.

Ibtisam Batma and her teenage daughter

Ibtisam Batma published a photo through her official account on (Instagram), gathered by her daughter Lina, who appeared in a white shorts, while her mother appeared in black shorts and a long white T-shirt.

Donia Batma’s sister commented on the photo, saying: (My life).

Lina published the same photos through her account on (Instagram), and she appeared in one of the photos, accompanied by Ghazal, the daughter of Donia Batma.

Lina had previously appeared with her aunt Donia, while her mother was in prison, accused of defaming artists in the (Hamza Baby Moon) case.

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The teenager appeared in a group of photos published by Donia, wearing an elegant and embroidered kaftan, accompanied by her cousins.

A few days ago, Ibtisam Batma sparked a wave of anger by publishing very daring pictures with her husband, Fouad Qibo, in the swimming pool.

Ibtisam Butma appeared in the photos she posted on her Instagram account, wearing a black bikini, and the lower part of her body clearly visible under the water.

In other photos, the sister of the Moroccan artist appeared in the same look in the arms of her husband, cuddling him hanging: (My little puppy).

Followers considered that Ibtisam Butma crossed the red lines by publishing these photos, and reminded her that she does not live in Europe to appear in this way, and that what she does with her husband should not be public.

Kisses and intimate moments

These pictures came only a day after Ibtisam Batma posted pictures of her exchanging kisses with her husband and showing off her body while wearing “shorts” in front of the mirror.

These photos were also preceded by an unusual photo session for Ibtisam, in which this time she moved away from excitement and daring.

Ibtisam Batma appeared wearing a Moroccan caftan in light purple, and she adopted a stark make-up that completely changed her features.

Donia Batma’s sister adopted a lifted hairstyle, like brides, with a crown studded with green crystals, which also overshadowed her jewelry.

Donia Batma was the first to comment on her sister’s photos, and wrote: (Your beauty), then an emoji of fire, indicating that she is sexy, while followers likened her look to that of the Moroccan bride at her wedding.

Donia Batma before and after makeup

In another context, Donia Batma published a video clip, through her Instagram account, in which she presents her followers with her method of applying makeup.

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The artist was criticized by some followers, as some expressed their shock at her appearance before and after applying the make-up, in addition to the change in her facial features due to plastic surgery.

Donia Batma is always criticized by her followers, because of her bold looks, and what plastic surgery has changed in her external appearance and face shape.

Donia Batma’s last appearance was in a short open shirt in pink, and she deliberately showed her charms blatantly.

Donia Batma was attacked by her followers after she published the pictures, noting that the purpose of publishing these scandalous pictures was to provoke controversy and increase her followers in a cheap way.

Donia Batma and the trap of the modest dress!

At first glance, Donia Batma appeared modest, before it became clear that she clearly revealed her body.

Donia Batma published a set of clips from a new photo session, through her official account on (Instagram), in which she wore a long yellow dress with sleeves, and over it a long cardigan with a tiger pattern, and completed her look with a suitable summer hat.

Donia Batma was attacked by her followers after they checked the photo, to show that her clothes are transparent, and that the purpose of her publication is to provoke controversy, especially as she accompanied her with normal comments, such as (Good morning, I wish you a happy day).

Dunya: I will not forgive anyone

A few weeks ago, the Moroccan star published a statement declaring that she would not forgive anyone who had offended her.

Donia wrote through her official account on the Instagram website: (I will not forgive anyone, on the day of Eid or the day of Arafa, but God suffices me and the best agent in all those who wronged me, hurt me, accused me of falsehood and spoke of me bad in my absence and who ate my right and who I thought was good and evil And whoever took advantage of my kindness to him and was ungrateful for the beautiful and a reason for my pain one day, and God will never forgive them. God’s court is between us).

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