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Ibtisam Batma, sister of Moroccan artist Donia Batma, appeared to her audience in a yellow dress with an open back in her latest appearance.

Donia Batma’s sister: (controlling)

Ibtisam Butma posted a video on her Instagram account, wearing a long, sleeveless yellow dress, and it seemed modest at first glance.

Donia Batma’s sister walks as a fashion model on the song “Dominant” by Haneen Al-Qusayr, and as soon as she turns, it turns out that her back is bare.

Ibtisam commented on the video with the words (Good evening) only.

Ibtisam also published another picture of her two sisters, Donia and Iman, and their mother, Laila Atassi, all wearing yellow, except for their mother, who appeared veiled in a red cloak.

Two days ago, Ibtisam appeared to her audience in a tight dress that revealed her right shoulder, and some followers likened her to Ibtisam Batma in her new photos, to the Egyptian media, Radwa El-Sherbiny.

Ibtisam Batma 3

A few days ago, Ibtisam Batma, the sister of Moroccan artist Donia Batma, celebrated the birthday of her husband, Moroccan YouTuber Fouad Kbeibo.

Through her official account on Instagram, Ibtisam Batma published pictures of the birthday party, in which she appeared in a short red dress, and presented him with a birthday gift, and they exchanged kisses on this occasion, in the presence of her sister Donia and some close Prime Time Zone.

Ibtisam Batma's husband's birthday 1

Swimming pool

Recently, Ibtisam Batma published very daring pictures with her husband, Fouad Kbeibo, in the swimming pool, and appeared wearing a black bikini, and her lower body was clearly visible under the water. In other photos, Donia Batma’s sister appeared in the same look in the arms of her husband, as she flirted with him hanging: (My little puppy).

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Followers considered that Ibtisam Butma crossed the red lines by publishing these photos, and reminded her that she does not live in Europe to appear in this way, and that what she does with her husband should not be public.

Donia Batma in a swimsuit in the pool

At the same time, her sister, Donia Batma, sparked a new wave of controversy, after publishing bold pictures in a swimming pool, in a swimsuit, which exposed her to sharp criticism from the public.

Donia Batma appeared in the pond, showing the upper part of her body, and wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Donia Batma 10 1

And the comments of the followers stated: “A new day, a new face,” “Which artist, do you not intend to blow and tighten again or any?”, “It is the brilliance for you that is removed. Shine off.”

Two days before, the Moroccan artist published pictures with a sexy look, in which she appeared in a pink shirt, without wearing anything from below.

Donia Batma appeared, standing at a swimming pool, carrying a bag, and commented: “Loneliness… is better than a bad companion. It is better to turn your back… for those who do not deserve your presence in his life.”

It is noted that Donia Batma prevented the public from commenting on the pictures, to avoid comments criticizing her bold looks.

Bikini orange!

A few days ago, Donia Batma published pictures of her wearing an orange swimsuit, and she also published a picture of the swimsuit alone, as an advertisement for the brand she is promoting.

Donia Butma again angered Moroccan women, who accused her of harming their reputation with her daring clothes, along with her sister, Ibtisam Batma.

Others also commented on her significant increase in weight, so it came in the comments: (At the end of your life, did you advertise for swimwear?). Another commented: (From my position, I would like to thank Al-Munajjid, who stuffed himself and found this body).

Another mocked at her weight, saying: (Its shape has blown up everywhere.) Another saw that Donia Batma was old and replaced with a new copy, and wrote: (This one was imprisoned in exchange for it, they took the old one and put the new one).

The audience of the Moroccan artist, Donia Batma, criticized the excess obesity that has become apparent on her, in her appearances on social networking sites.

This came after Donia Batma published an advertisement for a clothing store, in which she appeared overweight.

in the pool!

Last month, Donia and her two sisters, Ibtisam and Iman, crossed all the red lines, posing in a swimsuit in the pool.

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The beginning was when Ibtisam Batma published a group of photos that she collected with her sister Donia and Iman Batma in the swimming pool, and showed only the upper part of their bodies, which shocked their followers with the audacity they reached.

Ibtisam Butma and Donia

Ibtisam Batma wrote on one of the photos a comment that said: (Ignore words and looks, and if necessary, ignore Prime Time Zone).

Ibtisam Batma also showed off her body in a daring way, with the participation of her teenage daughter Lina, this time.

Ibtisam Batma published a photo through her official account on (Instagram), gathered by her daughter Lina, who appeared in a white shorts, while her mother appeared in black shorts and a long white T-shirt.

Donia Batma’s sister commented on the photo, saying: (My life).

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