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Tunisian actress, Dora Zarrouk, revealed that she has obtained a golden residency in the UAE

Dora published pictures of her through her Instagram account, and commented: “I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the beloved UAE, for granting me the golden residency, and for its support of artists and creators.”

Dora added: “I hope that he will perpetuate the love and brotherhood between us.”

Tunisian Dora

And the artist, Dora, was shown in the last Ramadan race 2021, the series “Between Heaven and Earth” starring Hani Salama, Sawsan Badr, Ghada Adel, Muhammad Tharwat, Yousra Al-Lawzi, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Naglaa Badr, Nada Musa, Nourhan and others.

The series is written by Islam Hafez, directed by Mohamed El-Adl, and produced by Synergy.

Golden Residence

In May 2019, the UAE announced the implementation of the long-term golden residency system for certain and specific categories of residents, including “unprecedented” advantages.

These categories included investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, outstanding students, doctors, and engineers in the fields of biotechnology, computer engineering, electricity, electronics, programming, and others. Thousands of residents from different categories obtained golden residency in the country.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship indicated earlier that “there is no numerical ceiling for applications that will be accepted within the aforementioned categories, and that everyone who meets the conditions and criteria will be able to benefit from these benefits without any obstacles.”

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The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship announced that the golden residency system provides unprecedented advantages and facilities for residents, including:

Obtaining a long-term residence permit for five or ten years, automatically renewed.

The long-term visa includes: the wife and children, and in the case of outstanding students, it extends to their families as well.

It makes it easier for individuals and their families to settle in the country.

The system provides foreign residents and their families the opportunity to come to work, live, study and invest in the country, and own 100%.

Entrepreneur visa is part of the golden residency system, which entitles individuals to obtain permanent residency and unprecedented benefits for themselves and their families, thus enhancing the attractive environment for business growth and success.

Entrepreneurs and programmers who obtain golden residency will enjoy a range of facilities and financing options, which will be provided by the “National Program for Programmers” to support the implementation of their innovative projects and ideas, and turn them into integrated projects that serve the optimistic trends of the positive and decisive role of programming in the lives of communities.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship grants those wishing a residence visa valid for a period of six months, which authorizes its holder to enter the UAE multiple times, to complete the procedures for issuing the golden residency.

Regarding the procedures for applying for this visa, the authority stated that it includes five steps, starting with submitting the application through the smart services of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, whether from public services or a typing office, receiving the application through the passport officer, checking applications and attachments, and returning the application for modification. If necessary, and finally, complete the application after checking with rejection or acceptance.

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