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The Tunisian artist, Dora, caught the eye with her latest appearance on social media, with her husband, Egyptian businessman Hani Saad.

(choose happiness)

Hani Saad published a picture of him embracing Dora through his official account on (Instagram), commenting: (Live in the moment quietly and watch the beauty of everyone in front of you. The future will take care of itself, choose happiness).

Saad concluded his comment by addressing the word “Girl” to his wife: (I love you).

In turn, Dora the Tunisian responded to her husband’s flirtation with a heart emoji, and a loving and grateful face.

And the artist, Dora Al-Tunisi, shared with her fans a few weeks ago, pictures of her trip in a coastal area, where she spends her summer vacation.

Dora appeared in the photos that she published through her official account on (Instagram), wearing a swimsuit consisting of hot shorts, predominantly green, with a top in the same colors, and without sleeves.

Dora complemented her look with soft makeup, a set of accessories and sunglasses.

Dora commented on the pictures, saying: (The sky is above, the sand is below, and the peace is inside.. Meet me where the sky touches the sea).

Reactions to Dora’s photos varied, some of them flirted with her beauty and considered her elegant, and some attacked her and accused her of being daring after the audience got used to her modest looks.

(Between Heaven and Earth)

A few days ago, Dora Al-Tunisi won an award for her role in the series “Between the Sky and the Earth,” where “Deer Guest held a prize distribution ceremony for the 18th session.

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And the artist, Dora, was shown in the last Ramadan race 2021, the series “Between Heaven and Earth” starring Hani Salama, Sawsan Badr, Ghada Adel, Muhammad Tharwat, Yousra Al-Lawzi, Mahmoud Al-Laithi, Naglaa Badr, Nada Musa, Nourhan and others.

The series is written by Islam Hafez, directed by Mohamed El-Adl, and produced by Synergy.


Dora continues filming her series (Ghalia) with director Sherine Adel in various places in Cairo.

It is a new story from the series “Zay El Qamar”, which revolves in separate stories. It consists of five episodes for each story. In all of its stories, it expresses women’s issues that it discusses socially and represents different models of Egyptian women in their various situations.

This story presents feelings and situations in the life of a girl named Ghalia, who plays and studies music. She delays marriage from the perspective of society, gets married in a different way and faces problems that change her view of life.

Dora and Golden Residence

In another context, Dora revealed a few weeks ago that she had obtained a golden residency in the UAE.

Dora published pictures of her through her Instagram account, and commented: “I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the beloved UAE, for granting me the golden residency, and for its support of artists and creators.”

Dora added: “I hope that he will perpetuate the love and brotherhood between us.”

Dora’s marriage puts her in trouble

A Tunisian writer revealed that Dora Al-Tunisi could be imprisoned and fined because of her marriage to businessman Hani Saad.

Tunisian writer Naziha Ghadbani added that Tunisian law criminalizes second marriage and prohibits polygamy, which may expose the artist, Dora Al-Tunisi, to imprisonment for a year and a fine.

She said, “Dora belongs to an ancient family in the Tunisian capital, and she was one of the staunch defenders of women’s rights, in addition to her talent, stardom and position that qualifies her to defend women, but her marriage to a married man is inappropriate.”

Tunisian law criminalizes polygamy

On the other hand, the former parliamentarian, Fatima Al-Masdi, criticized Dora after her marriage.

She said that Dora is Saad’s second wife, despite Dora’s assertion that Saad divorced his ex-wife.

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Al-Masadi added: “We in Tunisia do not recognize polygamy (Tunisian law criminalizes it), and it is not very different from adultery and jihad marriage.”

And the artist, Dora, confirmed that her husband, businessman, engineer Hani Saad, is a divorced man.
To deny his ex-wife and comment on this statement that she is still with him and they have not separated, according to Egyptian media.

Dora’s pregnancy

Dora responded to a comment accusing her of kidnapping her husband from his first wife, and confirmed that she is not a second wife, and her marriage contract was documented and registered in Tunisia, which prohibits polygamy, so there is no room for doubt in her words.

And she wrote: (No one publishes his official papers to Prime Time Zone, because it is a need that does not concern them in the first place).

Dora also expressed her anger recently at the recent rumors about her pregnancy.

This is after the Tunisian artist published photos from the wedding of Kamela Abu Zekri’s daughter, which was held in El Gouna, and caused controversy among her followers after appearing in some photos with excess weight, which led some to believe that she is expecting her first child.

Dora said on her Facebook account: (Please stop spreading rumors about me, I am not pregnant and please respect my personal life, thank you).

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