“Dow Jones” rises alone at the close with the rise in Treasury yields


The US stock indices dominated the decline at the close of Monday’s session, while “Dow Jones” rose alone, with Treasury yields rising to the highest level since June.

Wall Street was subjected to downward pressure as the 10-year Treasury yield rose 1.5 percent for the first time since last June, with economic optimism and fears of accelerating inflation.

Major technology stocks were also affected by expectations of an imminent hike in the US interest rate, as “Apple” shares fell by 1.05%, and “Alphabet” and “Amazon” shares fell by 0.8% and 0.6%, respectively.

The Federal Reserve’s meeting last week showed that half of the FOMC members expect a rate hike next year, instead of the majority of expectations in June that they would not move rates until 2023.

At the end of the session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.2%, or 71 points, to record 34.869 thousand points.

While the “S&P 500” fell by 0.3%, or 12 points, to record 4443 points, and “Nasdaq” fell 0.5%, equivalent to 77 points, at 14,969 thousand points.

In Europe, the European “Stoxx 600” index fell by 0.2%, or 0.9 points, at 462 points.

While the British “FTSE 100” rose by 0.2% (+11 points) to record 7,063 points, the German “Dax” increased 0.3% (+42 points) to 15,573 thousand points, and the French “CAC” rose 0.2% (+12 points) at 6650 points.

In Japan, the “Nikkei” index stabilized, recording 30,240 thousand points, while the broader “TOPIX” index fell by 0.1% at 2,088 points.

In the oil market, the price of Brent crude futures for November delivery rose 1.8 percent, or $1.44, at $79.53 a barrel upon settlement, the highest level since October 2018.

The price of US NYMEX crude for November delivery also rose by 2%, or $1.47, to record $75.45 a barrel.

As for gold, the price of the yellow metal futures contract for December delivery rose marginally by 0.02%, or 30 cents, to reach $1,752 an ounce upon settlement.

In economic data, US durable goods orders rose 1.8% in August on a monthly basis, after increasing by 0.5% in the previous July, compared to expectations that it would rise 0.7%.


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