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Argentine star Paulo Dybala, 27, left Juventus crying during the match against Sampdoria, after suffering a severe muscle injury in the match.

Dybala and early goal

In the tenth minute of the match, Argentine Paulo Dybala scored the first goal early in the match against his opponent Sampdoria with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area that hugged the net.

But he quickly fell on the field in the 20th minute of the match, affected by a muscle injury, the player was unable to complete the match with the old lady’s team, to go out two minutes later to replace the substitute Dejan Kulusevsky.

Dybala crying

Dybala left the field in tears, and it is possible that the player will miss the next strong and important confrontation against Chelsea in the group stage of the second round of the 2021-2022 Champions League.

While the Juventus medical team has not yet revealed the nature of Dybala’s injury, and how long he will be absent from the old lady’s team for treatment.

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The Juventus team achieved a difficult victory in the match against its rival Sampdoria with three precious goals against two goals, as this is its second victory in the Italian “Calcio” league after achieving a victory over Spezia in the last match, a draw in two matches, and also receiving a loss in two matches.

Italian league standings

Milan tops the standings with 16 points, followed by Napoli, by one point, with 15 points.

In the third place, Inter Milan came with 14 points, while in the fourth place was the Roma team with 12 points, equal to Fiorentina with the same balance of points.

In sixth place, Atalanta came with 11 points, followed by Bologna in seventh place with 9 points, followed by Lazio with 8 points, equal to that with Juventus, which came in ninth place.

As for the Torino team, in the tenth position, it has 7 points in the Italian Serie A “Calcio” competitions for the current season.

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