E-Finance receives subscriptions of more than 17 million shares in the public offering


The “OPR” screens of the deals market on the Egyptian Stock Exchange showed that the e-finance company for financial and digital investments received more than 17 million shares in the public offering, with a value of close to 250 million pounds, within two days of opening the subscription door, out of a total of 25.7 million shares offered. Arrow.

The Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the final price of the public and private offerings for the shares of “E-Finance” at 13.98 pounds per share, and the last date for registering the public offering orders is on Sunday, October 17.

All brokerage firms demanded that they deposit at least 25% of the value of the shares to be purchased and take the necessary measures to amend the previously registered orders before publishing the price.

The Financial Supervisory Authority had approved the request of “E-Finance for Financial and Digital Investments” to increase the number of shares offered for sale to 417.78 million shares, representing 26.1% of the company’s total outstanding shares.
The company had announced earlier that the stake under the offering amounted to 257.7 million shares, between two offerings, one of which is private with 232 million shares, representing 90% of the total offering, and the other is public with approximately 25.7 million shares, representing 10% of the total shares offered.

The article “E-Finance” receives subscriptions to more than 17 million shares in the public offering was written in Al Borsa newspaper.