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The documentary program broadcast by Al-Jazeera channel “What is Hidden is Greater”, in its latest episodes, presented an audio leak revealing the Emirati producer’s presentation of the movie “Weird Ones”, which was funded by the UAE with millions of dollars to demonize Qatar, sums of money on his partner to waive a case he filed in America against the Emirati company because of the content of the film and its source of financing.

The presenter of the program, Tamer Al-Mishal, obtained exclusive leaks revealing Abu Dhabi’s control of the Hollywood film and directing it to offend Qatar.

What is the greatest hidden?

The documents presented by Al-Mishal revealed that Abu Dhabi paid huge sums of money to change the script of the movie “the misfits” (eccentrics) and turn it politically aimed at demonizing Qatar.

The investigation of “What is Hidden is Greater” was able to conduct exclusive interviews with participants in the film, including one of its main producers, and trace all stages of the film’s production in the UAE and abroad, and the Prime Time Zone and officials associated with it.

The leaked correspondence that he presented (what is hidden is greater) also revealed the support of the UAE army to produce the movie “the misfits” with military pieces for filming.

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American actor Wesley Snipes rejected an Emirati offer to participate in the film because of its political content.

One of the leaked messages that the program showed, revealed the Emirati company’s request to the film team to include offensive clips linking Qatar to terrorism.

This letter requested the inclusion of a scene embodying the personality of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and showing him inciting violence.

This leaked document also showed a financial transfer to the company producing the film from a company managed by Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed.

the misfits eccentrics

The episode of Ma Hafi Azam, which is considered a new scandal for the Emirates, received a great reaction from activists through the hashtag “eccentrics”.

The famous singer “Boghanem” wrote: “The episode of What is Hidden is Greater puts us in a greater perception than the corridors of the film, which is, how does the UAE speak of Qatar’s obligation to abide by it?

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With the Al-Ula reconciliation agreement, while it is still demonizing Qatar?”

While another activist wrote: “The UAE state and the Emirati army harnessed the huge possibilities of film production after modifying the story and script, and turned it from an action movie into a political movie accusing Qatar of supporting terrorism.”

He continued, “Bin Rashid personally attended the filming locations. The UAE Supreme Governing Council supervised the production of the film.”

For his part, the Yemeni writer Abbas Al-Dhalei said, commenting on the episode: “The UAE pumped tens of millions of dollars to produce a Hollywood movie to distort Qatar and link it to terrorism. This movie was blown up and its secrets were revealed in 45 minutes through the Ma_Khafi_Azam program for investigative journalist Tamer Al-Mishal.”

And Abdullah Al-Wathin wrote: “The documentary, what is hidden, is greater, exposes the capital of treachery, terrorism, betrayal, sedition, and immorality, Abu Dhabi, and reveals its support for media terrorism, with its sponsorship and financing of the eccentric film.”

This was written by the Emirati academic and thinker, Dr. Taj Al-Sir Othman: “Every day we discover that the UAE is an alien element to authentic Arab values. We have witnessed Arab disputes, conflicts and even wars. But for the first time, a country has fallen in this way in spying, distortion, slandering symptoms, transcending all lines, and the absence of the minimum ABCs of honor and hostility, and what is hidden is greater.”

Retired Jordanian Colonel Muhammad Ala Al-Din Al-Anaswa said: “The Mistits is a science fiction film of a political fabrication and incitement against Qatar to accuse it of terrorism, and it embodies scenes from Doha and Prime Time Zone and places from Qatar that are linked to terrorism by name and allusion.

For one reason: to offend Qatar in a cheap and vulgar way.”

The movie “Eccentric” TheMisfits

It is noteworthy that the American film, funded by an Emirati media production company based in Abu Dhabi, aimed to pass a distorted picture of the canned and repeated charges alleging support for Qatar and some of its institutions for violence and terrorism.

The film included explicit scenes of a military vehicle bearing the “Lekhwiya” logo next to the Qatari “Dar Al Sharq” phone number, in addition to mentioning the name of a private hospital, which in turn decided to sue the film.

The Misfits Funded by the Emirates

On this basis, the group submitted a criminal report to the Department for Combating Economic and Electronic Crimes at the Ministry of Interior.

The communication has been accepted and the necessary legal measures are being taken, and the group said in its report: that the film included placing the phone number of Dar Al Sharq “44557777” with the intent of insulting the house and violating its rights, and demanded that temporary measures be taken and the necessary legal procedures followed while preserving the right of Dar Al Sharq to refer the matter to the court. Competent and requesting a civil claim.

For his part, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al Emadi, CEO of Al Emadi Hospital, announced that they are in the process of filing a lawsuit against the company that produced the film “The Misfits,” for using the institution’s trade name without prior permission, and for insulting the State of Qatar.

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Ayed Al-Athba, the lawyer and legal representative of Al-Emadi Hospital, stated that the case to be brought will deal with the demand to ban the offensive film from being shown.

In addition to claiming compensation for all material and moral damages that have been and will be inflicted on the hospital as a result of his presentation.

And the director of the alleged movie refers in his film to Qatar as “Jazirastan” and accuses its citizens of supporting “terrorist organizations,” while portraying Abu Dhabi’s mercenaries as heroes.

The film also portrays the Egyptian Muslim scholar residing in Qatar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, as “the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the sponsor of global terrorism.”

The film aims to discredit Qatar as a state sponsor of global terrorism and terrorists, in addition to promoting the possibility of making Abu Dhabi an alternative to American Hollywood in filming international films. As mentioned by critics.

The UAE-funded film also shows accusations of Qatar’s financing of terrorism, in addition to showing footage of criminals in the form of Qatari citizens.

What is hidden greater reveals the secrets of the film Eccentrics

Writers and journalists criticized the UAE’s payment of millions of dollars to offend Qatar and its Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and Arab religious figures, most notably Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

The film shows viewers its innovative theft methods, which go beyond direct theft into their safe boxes by using legal loopholes that significantly reduce the risks.

The film introduces a group of characters who use their various criminal abilities for good (Ringo only steals the scum of society).

The band also includes martial artist Violet (Jimmy Chung), demolition expert Wake (Mike Angelo) and identity thief Prince (Rami Jaber).

Brosnan and Nick Cannon

But the film is actually, and in a puzzling way, not about these, but about the professional criminal Best who manages to escape from prison before being liquidated and assassinated by another criminal, Schultz “Tim Roth.”

When The Misfits helps Pace, everyone joins forces to steal gold from terrorists, joined by his daughter, Hope “Hermione Corfield,” a brilliant rising actress.

The main problem with the film is that the script and director focused on the chase and action at the expense of events and logic.

The script wasted a lot of time getting to know the characters, for example, we spent 40 minutes before he started planning the heist.

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