Eddie Cohen claims: News is close to Kuwait’s budget deficit and borrowing from banks


The Israeli researcher and political analyst, Eddie Cohen, returned to stir controversy by broadcasting allegations and expectations aimed at causing confusion among Arab tweeters, as he claimed that Kuwait is on the verge of an economic crisis soon.

In a tweet to him on Twitter, which was monitored by (Watan), Cohen claimed that he will soon release news about Kuwait’s budget deficit, and borrowing from banks.

He continued, attacking the authorities in Kuwait: “A country swimming on a sea of ​​oil, and this is how it is? Think about your looted property before you liberate Palestine.”

Eddie Cohen sparks outrage in Kuwait

Eddie Cohen’s allegations sparked widespread controversy among Kuwaitis, and the Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, responded sarcastically: “It’s not your job.”

An activist in the name of Taha attacked him: “The normal liberation of Palestine comes before the liberation of anything, God willing, my commentator.”

The manifold responded to Cohen by saying: “See if the budget stopped oil, it would be enough for 80 years of rest.”

Eddie Cohen warns of an act of terrorism in Kuwait

And the Israeli researcher and political analyst Eddy Cohen had previously sparked a wave of controversy with a suspicious tweet of him last August, in which he warned of a terrorist act in Kuwait, without giving more details.

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Cohen claimed in a tweet on his Twitter account, which was monitored by Watan at the time, that a terrorist act may be carried out soon in Kuwait, and it will be in a public commercial place.

The Israeli researcher wrote: “A warning from Hodhud Suleiman to the State of Kuwait, warn of the possibility of a terrorist act occurring on your lands. It will be in a public commercial place. Oh God, I warned God, so bear witness.”

Eddie Cohen’s mysterious tweet caused a wave of controversy, and an activist wrote: “Kuwait has one well-known and famous mall, which is The Avenues, which I think is no other.”

While Fatima Al-Shammari tweeted: “This has been for years, and he has been talking about Kuwait with things that we have not seen. Praise be to God, may God protect Kuwait from these Zionists, despite their plans that failed.”

Eddie Cohen predicted the coup in Tunisia and the events in Jordan

A tweet by Israeli researcher and political analyst Eddie Cohen, written more than a year ago, caused a wide wave of controversy among activists. What he wrote in it was realized and he was threatening the Tunisians with a military coup and chaos.

Cohen’s tweet, in which he predicted a coup in Tunisia, which he wrote specifically in October of the year 2019, read: “Watch out for a revolution a year from now. A counterattack in green Tunisia, by the heroic Tunisian army, and with Arab funding.”

Eddie Cohen talks about the Arab countries

The controversial Israeli analyst continued: “It is impossible for political Islam to rule in any Arab country from behind the wall, remember this fact very well.”

He also published another tweet last June, in which he wrote, “Tunisia on the palm of an imp.”

At the time, activists re-circulated this tweet widely, expressing their surprise at the fulfillment of Eddie Cohen’s prophecy, pointing at the same time to an Israeli role in burying the Arab Spring revolutions.

Even more bizarre is what Cohen wrote in another tweet, talking about the fulfillment of his prophecy regarding the Tunisian coup and the events in Jordan, noting that what he predicted about Kuwait remains.

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He wrote, according to what was monitored (Watan): “I said a coup in Tunisia, a change in Jordan, and major problems in Kuwait before the end of the year, one achieved, and the days are between us. Eddie Cohen is coming to you from the institutions well for sure.”

Cohen talks about Kuwait this time

Cohen’s tweet at the time sparked controversy over the situation in Kuwait and fears that what was actually mentioned would be achieved.

Commenting on this, prominent Kuwaiti politician and former National Assembly member Nasser Al-Duwailah said that after Ed Cohen’s words were verified exactly about several events that have already occurred, “We must warn the unwary of our quarters that things are taking you towards an abyss controlled by Israel.”

And he continued: “And whoever serves Israel, even if he is one of us, will be under the curse of God and history, and he will not succeed, neither in this world nor in religion.”

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